Goodbye 2012 – Welcome 2013

2012 has been many things to many people, tough for most, good for some.. For the shipping and freight fraternity it has been a very difficult and tumultuous year with … Read more..

Beware of fake shipping line websites for tracking your cargo

Yes there are fake shipping line websites based on the method of “phishing” just like fake banking websites.. The International Maritime Bureau is warning users of such sites (although names … Read more..

What is a Flexitank..??

flexi tank after loading

Article about Flexitank – which is a bladder or bag used for the transport and/or storage of a non-regulated liquid inside a cargo transport unit (container)..

The cost of avoidable errors – an ITIC perspective

International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) has emphasised how avoidable errors can prove expensive for ship agents. In the latest issue of its Claims Review, ITIC recounts how a ship agent … Read more..

What is a Bow Thruster and how is it used in maneuvering a ship..??

This article was originally posted by Amitava Chakrabarty in   Handling a ship in currents, wind and tide is always a tricky affair. All these three factors can laterally shift the … Read more..