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How does demurrage, detention and port charges work..??

Even though there are distinct differences between demurrage, detention and port charges, many are still oblivious to these differences and there have been several questions on this blog relating to these charges..

Let me explain how demurrage, detention and port charges work..

shifl to launch the first-ever no-fee instant payment and banking platform for supply chain

Shifl’s widely-used supply chain software is now rolling out its newest addition: A modern financial technology built alongside its sophisticated logistics technology. Creating...



Webinar: Importance of real-time visibility in pharmaceutical logistics and headwinds facing the industry

As per UN statistics, medicinal and pharmaceutical products were among the top exported commodities...

2021 – The Year of the Carrier and Supply Disruptions.. Shipping and Freight Resource...

This is the Annual Review of the shipping and freight industry in 2021 by Shipping and Freight Resource.. This is an in depth look into what transpired in our industry in 2021 in terms of the maritime and global trade, shipping and freight practices, Global Shipping Alliances, Carriers and their profits and mostly about the disruptions surrounding supply chain.. Welcome to The View from the Top..

Biden administration’s action plan to ease US supply chain disruptions

Recognizing the critical role American ports play in the global economy, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal includes an unprecedented $17 billion to improve infrastructure at coastal ports, inland ports and waterways, and land ports of entry along the border.

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