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Maritime Transportation still remains the backbone of global trade since the time ships sailed with the wind to the current ULCVs, VLOCs, VLCCs etc..

Everything related to the ocean, sea, ships, navigation from point A to point B, seafarers, ship owning and other related activities falls under the category of Maritime..


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The act of carriage of cargo from point A to point using the ships which falls under the Maritime industry on a liner or non-liner service is Shipping..

This carriage is effected by carriers using various types of ships which could be their own ships or ships chartered from other ship owners..


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While many relate to freight as “money”, freight also refers to CARGO that is carried by a carrier (ship, road, rail, air) in exchange for commercial gain..

In the context of seaborne freight, freight refers to the cargo that is carried using the shipping services offered by the shipping lines..


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The management of a complex set of tasks covering the physical flow of goods from origin to final destination.

Logistics is the process of carrying the freight using the shipping services offered by the maritime industry from Point A to Point B..


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Supply Chain

Supply chain is a set of processes focused on optimizing the flow of goods from source of supply to customers using various networks..

It is the process from sourcing of raw materials, production, packaging, distribution till delivering the goods to the shelf using all of the above-mentioned businesses..


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Trade is the basic economic concept of buying and selling of goods in exchange for compensation paid by a buyer to a seller..

All above segments work together to enable global trade and the survival of these industries is dependent on global trade.


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