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trace:original – by Enigio added to IG P&I’s list of approved eBL service providers

The digital wave is truly sweeping our industry .. The approval of electronic bill of lading (eBL) service providers by the IG P&I club...

The Human Side of Digitalization in Shipping, Freight, and Logistics

The value of global trade in 2023 is projected to be approximately US$ 31 trillion with a slight increase expected in Q1 of 2024.....

Electronic Trade Documentation

Product Review

Product Review – Unpacking DIABOS 3.0 suite of Maritime Solutions

The activities involved in the world of maritime ship and cargo operations are as...

Fluent Cargo’s comprehensive route planning features – A Video Product Review

The movement of goods across the vast oceans, seas, lakes, and inland waterways and...

Cargo tracking simplified – Traxens IoT Trackers – Product Review

Data-centric technologies have been hailed as the panacea for numerous challenges prevalent in today's...


New leadership at the ICC Digital Standards Initiative’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has just announced the new leadership for its Industry Advisory Board (IAB) under the prestigious Digital Standards Initiative...

Supply Chain


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