Executive Insights: CoLoadX CEO Fauad Shariff on giving shippers and forwarders what they really want

After two decades of experience in export and freight forwarding sectors, CoLoadX CEO Fauad Shariff has seen it all. In his current position at the helm of a marketplace for freight forwarders and NVOCCs, he’s trying to help freight forwarders solve the complexities of international logistics, rather than waste time and effort shopping for rates, or tracking shipments.

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What to do when there is a short shipment..??

What to do when there is a short shipment..??

This may leave some people puzzled at times.. Especially some questions like below asked by a reader..

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Dispute between Letter of Credit and Commercial Invoice

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A users question about a Dispute he has between Letter of Credit and Commercial Invoice..

Anyone who is an Expert in Documentary Credit or Letter of Credit or International Trade may assist..

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Direction of containers when loaded on a ship..

Are containers loaded so that the doors all face the same direction (i.e. fore or aft) or is it random?

This is a very interesting question from a reader Collin.. Read the article to find out more..

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Question about Note of Sea Protest

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Riaz had this question about Note of Sea Protest

Does the production of a Note of Sea Protest absolve the shipping line of all the claim for damages the cargo may have purportedly suffered due to the rough seas recorded in the Note of Sea Protest and vetted by the port authorities, based on the log book, but not notarised?

How does one differentiate between such incidental damage and damage which may have been caused by negligent handling?

What are your views..??

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