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Goodbye 2012 – Welcome 2013

2012 has been many things to many people, tough for most, good for some.. For the shipping and freight fraternity it has been a very difficult and tumultuous year with issues ranging from maritime disasters, plummeting freight rates, idling ships and recession after recession hitting the major markets of the world driving the shipping markets down..

Some shipping lines have gone under, some have regrouped and some have been strong and resilient and have weathered the financial storm thus far..

welcome2013Lets now get ready to welcome 2013 into our midst on a positive note and hope all our wishes come true and the economy gets better and the cargoes start moving and all those idling ships find employment and work together and make sure we don’t fall off that much talked about and dreaded fiscal cliff..

We seem to have beaten the so called Mayan prediction about the end of the world in 2012 and I am positive that we will beat this fiscal cliff as well..

This is Hariesh Manaadiar signing off for 2012 with loads of thanks to all the readers of this blog for sharing information, for supporting and for participating in making this blog a useful resource to everyone interested and involved and wanting to join the shipping and freight industry..

Wishing everyone all the best for the festive season and the best of health, wealth, joy, happiness and prosperity for the coming new year..

See  you in the new year..


  1. Dear Haarish, your free educatrional blog as helped a lot who are in this field.A big THANK YOU for that. Wish you a prosperous & meaningful 2013.
    MayGod Bless You,

    sincere regards,


  2. Hello Hariesh

    Nice getting to know you and this Blog , great stuff really for novices like me. Hope i can contribute also through this medium.

    Basskar , Nigeria.

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