project44 sets funding record for Logistics Tech enterprise SaaS companies with latest investment

project44 receives $420 million investment led by Thoma Bravo, TPG and Goldman Sachs valuing business at $2.2 billion pre-money With $100+ million in ARR, 1,000+ team members, 1,000+ customers, 1+ … Read more..

Will delays in peak season inventory lead to a cooling down in the freight market..??

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The extraordinary growth figures of the US retail sector cannot hold up forever. 2022 might be the year it falters, taking the trucking market along with it. The holiday shopping … Read more..

Federal Trade Commission wants to know causes of empty shelves and sky-high prices – launches inquiry into supply chain disruptions

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the latest entrant to enter the fray to try and identify the issues surrounding the massive supply chain disruptions faced by the US market and … Read more..

Will Container Dwell Fee in Los Angeles and Long Beach be implemented?

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The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach announced on the 29th of November that the implementation of the much unwanted “Container Dwell Fee” will be further … Read more..

CMA CGM to incentivize early pick up of import containers at Los Angeles and Long Beach

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CMA CGM posted a net profit of $5.6bn for Q3 increasing its consolidated revenue by 89%, compared to 2020 on the back of incredible freight rates and the signing of … Read more..

What are you measuring in your warehouse..??

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Efficient warehousing should be one of the top priorities in any supply chain strategy as this is the holding area for various types of materials including raw materials, semi-finished, and … Read more..

UPDATE : Ever Given on its way to Rotterdam – Freedom, Freedom – Ever Given released and sailing from Suez Canal

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The sweet taste of freedom was probably being experienced by all concerned with the Ever Given as it was released by Suez Canal authorities on the 7th of July – … Read more..

Difference between Harbour, Port, Terminal, Berth, Quay, Pier, Jetty

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Harbour, Port, Terminal, Berth, Quay, Pier, Jetty – you are not alone if you are confused about these terminologies.. To many of us, these terminologies sounds the same.. It took … Read more..

The shipping container has reached retirement age – Happy 65th, container

container 65

Shipping Container, Freight Container, Container, Box, TEU – many of the synonyms and acronyms by which the common shipping container is referred to as, depending on who is talking.. It … Read more..

What’s next, for the Ever Given and the shipping and freight industry

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Many journalists and Twitteratis around the world might be having withdrawal symptoms after the Ever Given has been refloated from being stuck diagonally across the Suez Canal.. Although the vessel … Read more..

6 points to help you compete in the shipping and freight industry

6 steps to compete in the shipping and freight industry

Competition is one of the constants in business, something that can spur you on and make you better or something that can bring you down.. Every industry has competition in … Read more..