Monday, March 20, 2023
Stage of visibility logistics 2023


Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) data provides benefits to many types of businesses, from maritime and shipping to commodity trading and investment analysis. While there are several options for AIS tracking data for most applications, here are...
Spire Maritime is a service provider for the maritime industry providing Maritime AIS, vessel tracking data, real-time and predictive visibility of vessel ETAs to the industry..  Spire’s latest offering Vessel to Port ETA is powered by an...

Biggest problems facing customers in container shipments

Disruption, Innovation, Big Data, IoT, SaaS, Digital freight forwarders, Blockchain.. No its not a Thesaurus test..

These are just some of the big fancy words thrown around in the market and media currently in relation to shipping and freight..

These tools are all (or should be) designed to assist the customer, whether you are a buyer, seller, trader, forwarder, NVOCC or shipping line to conduct their business smoothly and efficiently..

Yet with all these advances, innovations, digitization etc customers still have problems with container shipments on a daily basis.. Whether it is with a shipping line, with a forwarder, with customs, with port, with hauliers etc etc etc, there are still many problems on a daily basis..

So my question today is, in spite of such advances in technology, communication, operations, trade documentation and accessibility why are many customers still facing problems with container shipments..??

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