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Critical factors for an efficient and resilient supply chain revealed in Tive Survey

In today’s ever-connected global economy, effective and resilient supply chain management is crucial.. Even though ocean shipping continues to be a pivotal mode of transportation for international trade, the maritime sector has been slow in embracing state-of-the-art technologies like real-time shipment visibility solutions..

The adoption of such cutting-edge technologies is revolutionizing the industry by endowing stakeholders with round-the-clock access to monitor their cargo’s status throughout its journey.. IoT-enabled advanced tracking technology backed by data analytics affords companies timely information on their shipment’s location, condition, and estimated arrival time..

Implementing IoT devices inside cargo containers offer a wide range of benefits that include real-time monitoring of the shipment’s security status, location, and condition leading to an effortless flow of information throughout the supply chain.. The improved visibility provides opportunities for proactive decision-making which significantly enhanceS operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction and also offers possibilities for lowering costs..

According to Tive’s recent survey examining the state of supply chain visibility in 2023, many industry leaders recognize the importance of real-time shipment visibility when it comes to maintaining competitiveness in the market.

The survey identified a strong demand for real-time visibility, with a significant percentage of respondents considering it a “must-have” feature, driven by increasing customer expectations.

However, the survey also found that merely 25% of customers currently utilize IoT trackers/devices for real-time shipment tracking.

This leaves 75% of customers without the necessary technology to oversee cargo in real-time, highlighting a considerable gap in supply chain visibility and traceability. Entities such as the World Economic Forum have emphasized the importance of these features for sustainable and resilient supply chains.

Challenges persist in the journey toward a more technologically advanced ocean freight shipping industry. Factors such as data security, privacy concerns, and the inherent complexity of the maritime shipping ecosystem – characterized by multiple stakeholders and disparate systems – make implementation a daunting task.

Nonetheless, the market acknowledges these challenges, as the survey indicates a growing consensus among supply chain leaders that real-time shipping visibility’s future depends on successful collaboration and data sharing between various stakeholders.

Accelerating the adoption of real-time shipment visibility and other advanced technologies necessitates collaboration and best practice sharing among stakeholders in the ocean freight industry.

Key to this process is fostering partnerships between technology providers, shipping companies, and logistics providers and leveraging global standards and regulations to ensure interoperability and security.

In conclusion, the future of ocean freight shipments is clear – real-time shipment visibility and technology adoption are essential for the industry’s continued growth and success. By embracing these innovations, supply chain leaders can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

The onus is now on the entire industry to seize this opportunity and create a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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Hariesh Manaadiar
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