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A rise in expat population settling in almost all parts of the world is seen as a growing segment driving global C2C (Customer to Customer) trade providing opportunities for community-based service providers as per Ti insights,...
Regulation and improving fire-fighting techniques have proven inadequate to stem the tide of serious incidents costing lives, significant cargo losses, and ship damage - TT Club TT Club, the market-leading independent provider of mutual insurance and related...

Devastating fire in Chattogram container depot in Bangladesh claims 49 lives

In a shocking incident, at least 49 people are reported to have been killed with more than 200 people including police and firemen, injured...

Shypple offers support packages for Ukrainians

"Talk is cheap and won't help on its own. It’s insufficient to post about the war in Ukraine and say, ‘I stand by them.’...

Carrier slammed for Street Turn charge for domestic moves in USA

In the process of shipping, once a delivery order has been issued for an import full container and the customer has unpacked it, they are...

White House announces measures to monitor ocean carrier freight pricing

"Department of Justice and the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to make sure that large ocean freight companies cannot take advantage of U.S. businesses and...

Carrier on-time performance suffers due to lack of schedule reliability

January 2022 saw the global container fleet touching 25 million TEUs and a new number one container shipping line in the world with MSC...

Indian Admiralty Act 2017- Interpretation and effect

The groundwork for Admiralty laws in India were laid simultaneously with the codification of Admiralty laws in England. Even post-independence, the issues relating to...

Seafarers need an enforceable global protocol for “green channel” travel

Provide an enforceable global protocol for "green channel" travel for seafarers This is the call from Frank Coles who has started a petition to the...

Will delays in peak season inventory lead to a cooling down in the freight market..??

The extraordinary growth figures of the US retail sector cannot hold up forever. 2022 might be the year it falters, taking the trucking market...

A simple but clear perspective on the notion of Shipping Cartels

Liner shipping plays a very important role in the container shipping industry carrying 25.3 million TEU on around 6313 container ships.. As I highlighted...

US Congress steps up shipping reform with the passing of The Ocean Shipping Reform Act

Is it political..?? Is it practical..?? This seems to be the question surrounding the passing of "The Ocean Shipping Reform Act" in the House of...

Chinese black out on Maritime Data as Automatic Identification System data blocked

China, home to 7 of the top 10 container ports in the world and of course the 2nd largest economy in the world, has...

Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” will not end

The American shipping crisis has been making news all over the world and has been the subject of discussions across many media platforms and the industry..

Even US President Joe Biden commented on the supply chain disruptions and set up task teams to find solutions for the problems.. Biden announced a number of steps to achieve this objective including moves by the nation’s two largest ports Los Angeles and Long Beach to expand to 24-hour operation, and also to ramp up efforts by big conglomerates like Walmart, FedEx, UPS, Samsung, Target and The Home Depot for quicker cargo clearance..

There have been several commentaries across the whole spectrum of supply chain from various experts from shipping, freight forwarding, trucking and trade backgrounds..

However, none of the discussions and explanations seem as lucid as the message conveyed by a 20 year veteran US truck driver..

I am sharing this article written by Ryan Johnson that explains his perspective on the situation and why he feels that America's "Shipping Crisis" will not end unless.....................

DCSA releases Track & Trace Interface Standard version 2.2

DCSA and its member carriers have published track and trace (T&T) standards for the global container shipping industry. These standards comprise a common set of processes as well as data and interface standards that can be implemented by carriers, shippers and third parties to enable cross-carrier shipment tracking.

ZIM Kingston fire update

Calm seas allowed firefighters to finally board the ZIM Kingston a 4253 TEU capacity container ship which has been on fire off the coast of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. As per the Canadian Coast Guard six firefighters and seven crew members boarded the ship on Monday night as fires in containers still on board the ship continued to smoulder.

In the meantime, it has now been established that 109 containers have gone overboard the ship in rough weather, more than double of the 40 containers that was estimated to have been initially lost.

Extended working hours justified as Port of Long Beach records second busiest September in history

The Port of Long Beach had its second-busiest September on record, down 5.9% from the same month last year, demonstrating the need for extended work hours within the supply chain as unprecedented numbers of vessels wait off the coast to unload cargo.

Dockworkers and terminal operators moved 748,472 cargo container units, a dip from the Port’s strongest September on record, achieved in 2020. Imports decreased 8.7% to 370,230 TEUs, while exports declined 1.6% to 110,787 TEUs. Empty containers moved through the Port dropped 3.6% to 267,456 TEUs.

Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles to expand hours for truck pick up and drop off

After consultation with multiple supply chain stakeholders and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles announced bold new measures to improve freight movement and reduce delays through the ports as they continue to experience record volumes. These measures will enhance the ports’ landside operations to help meet the unprecedented growth in cargo volume moving through the San Pedro Bay.

FMC to move forward with two of the proposed demurrage-and-detention related initiatives

The FMC set up Fact Finding 29 in March 2020 in response to many complaints raised with the FMC to investigate challenges to the freight delivery system in the USA and possible violations of the Shipping Act.

Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye was tasked by the FMC to carry out the investigation with the full authority under 46 C.F.R. §§ 502.281 to 502.291, to perform such duties as may be necessary in accordance with U.S. law and Commission regulations.

In her Executive Summary to the Subcommittee on Coast Guard & Maritime Transportation in June, Commissioner Dye reported that four key key measures to improve efficient cargo movement in US Ports have been identified.

Today, the Federal Maritime Commission voted to move forward with two demurrage-and-detention related initiatives proposed by Commissioner Rebecca F. Dye as part of Fact Finding 29. Unlike Commissioner Dye’s other Interim Recommendations, these initiatives required formal Commission approval.

CMA CGM to stop all spot freight rate increases

The shipping industry and particularly exporters and importers have been subject to heavy freight rate increases since the 3rd quarter of 2020 increasing from around $2,032/40′ in September 2020 to $10,519/40′ in September 2021.

Many customers have been complaining about the attitudes of shipping lines who they claimed were breaching contracts and demanding higher spot freight rates.

Perhaps taking cognisance of this, CMA CGM, the world’s fourth largest container shipping line has taken a decision to stop all spot rate increases.

South Africa’s highest Court declines to consider whether ship arrests are unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court has recently rejected an application for leave to appeal brought by a shipowner, Parakou Shipping Pte Ltd against a judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) upholding the arrest of an associated ship.

In doing so, the Constitutional Court found that the application for leave to appeal did not raise a constitutional issue.

Federal Maritime Commission to assess carriers’ compliance on demurrage and detention

The Federal Maritime Commission has established a new audit program and dedicated audit team to assess carrier compliance with the Agency’s rule on detention and demurrage as well as to provide additional information beneficial to the regular monitoring of the marketplace for ocean cargo services.

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