Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Case Studies

Navigating new logistical pathways on the China-Europe freight corridor

Freight forwarding transcends the mere logistics of moving goods from one location to another for cargo owners. It involves a series of strategic decisions...

Letter of Credit requires IMO Number to be shown on Bill of Lading

A case study on the obligations of a shipping line in terms of clauses/notations to be mentioned in a bill of lading.. Based on a real life question from a reader..

How to safeguard cargo release using the correct type of bill of lading

An article on how to safeguard cargo release using the correct type of bill of lading.. This article is based on a case study information received from one of the readers..

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APM Terminals throws potential spanner in ICTSI’s work to take over Durban’s Pier 2

On the 1st of March 2024, Transnet announced that...

Interim channel into Baltimore Port by end April and permanent channel by end May

This is the update from the US Army Corps...

trace:original – by Enigio added to IG P&I’s list of approved eBL service providers

The digital wave is truly sweeping our industry .....

Strategic adjustments contributed to decrease in Asian ocean freight – Dimerco

In a rapidly evolving global trade environment, the Asia-Pacific...

The Human Side of Digitalization in Shipping, Freight, and Logistics

The value of global trade in 2023 is projected...