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Who are the readers of Shipping and Freight Resource

Hey all, I need your help..Β 

As many of you may know, I started this resource in 2008 primarily as a medium to share the knowledge and experience that I gained on the job in the industry in the form of educational content..

Over the years, this resource has been viewed 18.5 million+ times by over 11 million+ readers, and over 46,000 of you have subscribed to receive my articles by email..

Thanks to this support, the resource has evolved into a niche resource providing not only quality educational content but also selected industry news, market insights, interactive discussions, and executive insights.

Throughout this journey, many of you have interacted with me personally and online through your comments and know a bit about me, but there is a lot I need to know about YOU – my readers..

To understand my readership and your needs better, I have put together 5 simple questions.. I invite you to click this link to answer these questions..

The form has only 3 mandatory questions and 2 optional questions.. The optional questions are about how this resource has helped you and any specific/special topics you would like me to cover..

Several articles have been written and training courses conducted based on some previous responses so please do complete these 2 optional questions as well..

If you see “Sign in to GoogleΒ to save your progress.Β Learn more” on the form you can ignore it.. You can complete the questionnaire without signing in..

Your feedback is very valuable to me to improve the content of this resource, and it will also help others understand and learn more..

Let’s get to know each other.. πŸ™‚


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Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiar
I am Hariesh Manaadiar, the Founder of Shipping and Freight Resource.. I have been in the dynamic shipping and freight industry for over three decades and have worked in several sectors.. I share my experiences and knowledge of the industry through this blog for those looking for help in the industry.. Stay subscribed for more free useful content about shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, supply chain and trade..


  1. hi there!your blog contains very helpful and valuable content especially for the freight forwaders who are the begging of their career at this sector. Thank you !

  2. I believe social media is driving the business revolution, which is why it’s pivotal to be capable of adapting. Logistics and supply chain industries are also part of the innovative shift. As a result, the ability to implement methods in accordance with technological aspects is a significant advantage.

  3. Hi there,

    We’re from Transco Cargo Sri Lanka, operating in commercial cargo within the Asian region.

    Your industry knowledge has been insightful , especially when breaking down processes which makes it easier for non-industry people to read/understand.

  4. I really liked your article on Who are the readers of shipping and Freight Resource because it is clear and concise. I liked the clarity of your article and the way you explained everything. I really enjoyed reading your article.

  5. Your blog is very informative. Here you talk about the Who are the readers of this shipping and freight blog. Thanks for sharing this information.

  6. Hello Hariesh!

    My name is Tuan,
    I’m in insurance industry, in charge of cargo insurance. Your site is very helpful.

    Thank you, keep going!

  7. Good day Hariesh,

    First of all, many thanks for providing a blog like this. High relevance and very learning with interesting thoughts on certain topics.

    Further to this blog posts, I will just give you brief info my side.
    24 years old, from Denmark, worked in shipping for four years. First two in freight forwarding (mainly sea + air) followed by the last two for a shipowner in the oil sector.

    Decided to go back to freight forwarding as I missed these aspects and now based in Shanghai working for a major Logistic company.

  8. Hi, I’ve recently entered this fascinating space and I’ve found your articles and posts have really helped me gain a better understanding of the industry. Many thanks for all of your hard work in putting this together – having created the odd LinkedIn post I know how long it takes (for me at least) just to write one – so I’m full of admiration for all of your efforts.

  9. I am in the USA. I have been exporting since 2002 from dairy to steel equipment. Your blog helps me even though I am an experienced exporter. There are so many different spokes to this wheel of exporting and it’s nice to learn extra information.

  10. Hi Hariesh!
    My name is Ali, i’m in insurance industry, in charge of cargo insurance and little bit of forwarder’s liability. Your site often helps me understand for many things. Thank you ! and keep writing !

  11. I am a very small trader in commodities such as scrap metal, aluminium ingots, beverages and food. I need to know about trade matters and I find this site very helpful. I am not doing a lot of trading now but I find the information interesting and I can pass it on to some other people.

  12. I’m a teacher in a French high school where I teach English to undergraduate students who are majoring in Transport and Logistic Services. I can find a reasonable amount of information about road haulage but was looking for information about other shipping methods and came across this website.
    I have to use authentic documents to write national exam papers for these students too.

  13. Hi Hariesh ! your shipping term and picture are very useful for me. I am still learning basic shipping for your website. I already recommended to most of my friend. Keep the good work going ! Thanks !

  14. Have you ever considered writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would love to have
    you share some stories/information. I know my subscribers would value your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  15. Hi am from Mauritius a small island in the Indian Ocean and started working as a customs clerk in 1988 with a customs broker and am now with a freight forwarding company which is one of the top three on our island.
    Your advices and guides are of utmost importance to me and would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart.

    • Hi Hariesh

      I work for an independent retail company, handling all imports for them. I just joined your blog this year and I have to say that it is without a doubt one of, if not the most informative blog on shipping out there. During my free time i read through all the older articles and have learned a number of new things and I eagerly await new articles of a weekly basis, hoping to learn something new.

  16. I am from the Philippines handling the import and export section of the company.
    I like this blog because it helps me to confirm my knowledge about shipments.
    Thank you for this blog.

  17. Hi Hariesh, I spent 10 years in the international logistics arena, the majority of it shipping humanitarian aid from the USA to about 100 countries — 6 years as a shipper (owner) of the cargo, and 4 years as a FF and NVOCC. Part of my work included working on duty free customs clearance, alongside local clearing agents, in 40 countries. As I’m sure you are aware when you add “duty free” to “importation” you have tackled another beast entirely. I have shipped thousands of containers to various Indian ports and have felt the weight of the massive bureaucracy, and to be totally honest, I loved almost every minute of it. I’ve spent many long nights in Chennai, Visak, Haldia, Jawa, Tuticorin, etc. trying to figure out how to get my importation documents on the top of the stack when I had 100 containers starting to incur demurrage and port storage that still needed to be transloaded and forwarded on to 1000 cities. And the reporting requirements had the consignees bringing in steamer trucks full of documents back to their local government offices. I have huge respect for anyone conducting importation and transport into India and if India is where you learned your craft, you couldn’t have picked a better place to become an expert. After about a 6 years absence from shipping, I am now working with a US Trucking firm that wants to get into FF. Glad I found the blog. Cheers.

  18. Greetings.

    As a currently third year LLB student with Unisa i found it requiring that see what my options are after completing my degree. I heard about Shipping Law from facebook and i have no clue about it, hence i am looking forward to learning more from this blog. Honestly, it is hard to choose a path to follow after completing the degree and im hoping this page will shade light on whether this is the right path to follow. I will be asking all sorts of questions. Thank you for your availability.


    Zanele Ntombifuthi Dube

    • Is this blog for people who are already in the industry of Shipping or everyone is welcome here?
      The reason behind my question is because almost everyone who posted saying they are in the industry as of now got to be WELCOMED.
      I would appreciate if someone clarify this for me so i can unsubscribe while its still early.
      Im looking for something that will help me see my options if this is not it, can i be notified.
      Thank you.

    • Hi Zanele, all readers whether they are in the industry or not are welcome.. As I have said in the About Page,

      Are you interested in joining the Shipping and Freight industry..??
      Are you new to the Shipping and Freight industry..??
      Are you already in the industry and looking to enhance your knowledge..??
      Are you looking for a reference guide for your day-to-day shipping and freight work..??
      Are you seeking Shipping and Freight information..??

      Then, you have reached the right place..

      Shipping and Freight Resource is a niche blog in the Shipping, Freight, Maritime and Logistics industry..

  19. Hi Harish.
    Your blog has been a life saver to me. I am a engineer who had to start her career in shipping, due to various reasons. The first question I was asked, for an interview was, ” What is an NVOCC” and my answer was, “Is it some sort of Cricket Club?” πŸ˜€
    I had to start from scratch, and I was able to find answers to all my “stupid” doubts in your blog.
    You have a knack of explaining things in a simple way.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. God bless.

    • Hello Ann, I am very happy to know that I was able to convert an NVOCC from a Cricket Club to a Freight Intermediary.. Haa haa.. No one is above learning and it is never too late to start learning and that is the whole purpose of my blog and I am happy to help.. Thank you for your kind words..

  20. Hi Harish, I have held a few different roles in logistics and have just started a Marketing job with a freight forwarding & customs clearance company here in Melbourne, Australia. I love your blog, find it really helpful and interesting and I have shared it with quite a few colleagues. Keep up the good work !

  21. Hi Hariesh, Your blog is informative. I am from Chennai,India. I shipped 1*20FCL to Singapore. I am holding Liner BL with me but cargo has been released with out my knowledge. I am not received any payment yet. Who is responsible for the Loss? Can we sue the Liner in Chennai ?

  22. Hi Hariesh. I work in an export company and I find your blog informative and very useful. I’d like to know more about airfreight shipments, logistics, and the basic do’s and don’ts when arranging an export shipment. Thank you and keep up the great work. All the best.

  23. Hi Sir Hariesh! We, Coaches / Training Officers who handles training for new hire/experienced staff in a shipping company here in the Philippines, find your blog quite informative. Though our expertise is documentation (export and import) it’s imperative to know even the basic cycle of shipping business up to what will be the repercussion of misdeclaration of information in the bill of lading.

  24. Hi,Sir

    I’m looking foward in receiving a usefull information as i’m a first year partime student in freight logistics(diploma) at S.A. Maritime School&Transport College.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi Hariesh,

    Your blog is super informative since we are still new in the business of ship husbanding, likewise as a ship broker, ship agent and cargo handling. We like to know more about transhipment of fuel. Thank you for such an awesome blog.


  26. Hi Hariesh, As an owner of a freight forwarding company .I find its great ,informative and wonderful and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge here

  27. Hi Hariesh,
    Your blog is really great. Simple and very informative. I am planning to do research study in Shipping Law. I am looing to read some case studies in my area of focus . I know, though it’s unlawful to under delare weights (Volume / weight cutting) , it has been a practice by some dishonest freight forwarders to under declare weights in the MAWB, I like to know if there are any published material / articles that will discuss about the legal implications about these wrong doings and the safety issues of the air crafts due wrong declaration of weights

  28. Hi Hariesh

    Nthabiseng here, I’m a final year law student, residing in South Africa – interested in studying Maritime Law. It’s a completely new field, but it excites me. I found your article on a day in the shoes of a maritime lawyer particularly insightful. Will be sure to keep following your articles, and gaining a lot more insight in this exciting field. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge.

    • Hello Nthabiseng, glad to read your comments.. Makes me happy because this is precisely the reason why I started this blog, targeting your demographic.. Please do pass on to your peers as well and all the best..

  29. Hi Hariesh,

    I am Jidesh and I have started working as Vessel Operator in a shipping company located in Bangkok. Our company handles about 20 ships starting from small tonnage to panamax and cape size.

    Since this is a new field for me, I was looking for some good reads that would help me understand more details about the industry. Your blogs are very information and easy to read. Got to know about your blogs when I searched about the BL. I would like to read all your blogs before I post any specific questions.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.


  30. I’m student of shipping & logistics and I would like to improve my knowledge of shipping field increasingly so that your help is undispensable however above articles are so helpful.

  31. Hello Harriesh. I think you are a wonderful person to share your knowledge and educate others. Please would you be so kind and answer this question. I am a private person, not a business. I have my personal household goods in storage in South Africa. I have already paid the company to send my stuff to Australia. I would now like my household contents to go to Italy instead. Can they do this at no extra cost? As mentioned I have already paid them. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards. Denise

    • Thank you for your kind words Denise.. The answer to your question depends on where there your container is now.. If it has not sailed yet it should be possible to change destination.. Even if it has sailed in some cases it should be possible to change destination, but there would be a higher cost incurred than normal..

  32. Hello Hariesh, My name is Ernest Felix. I import products from Australia and China for trading products that are not manufactured in India. It is great to come across your blog. This is a field that many freight forwarders are still not able to give answers to questions I have. It will be great to enhance my knowledge. I can see from the blogs that you have been a great inspiration to many. Thanks a lot.

  33. Hello Hariesh, we enjoy your blog and the resources you offer. We sell and rent new and used shipping containers for in Washington State and Idaho (Seattle, Bellingham, and Spokane are the key areas we serve). Because we are mostly focused on containers once they off-hire and empty, it has been nice to read your blog and learn more about the other aspects of cargo and shipping. We always look forward to learning more about how the globalization of shipping containers can improve things around the world. Keep up the great work!

  34. Hi,

    I have been visiting your blog regularly & find it really informative, precise & to the point. Keep up the good work……
    Am into ocean freight forwarding since 20 years & still learning, this is a very dynamic field however if you are systematic, disciplined & good with your basics then it can make for a great career…..

  35. Hello Hariesh,
    me again. I have to say, that I haven’t read nearly many of your blogs and comments on here – as I just learned about your site – but I’m so loving it already. I feel like all of my insecurities are being taken away because I read all of these comments by all of your followers and blog readers, that it gives me comfort. Your blog here and your will to share your knowledge and help others is tremendously appreciated. Thank you for all your great work, contribution and intentions. xo Parissa

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement Parissa.. Appreciate it..

      I would encourage you to participate in the discussions and comment on the same to enhance your knowledge further..

    • Thank you Hariesh, I’m very much looking forward to reading and anticipating to the interesting discussions and comments on here. Glad to be on here πŸ™‚

  36. Dear Hariesh,

    My boss always picks on me and sort of belittles me for not knowing much about the shipping industry although I graduated as a freight forwarder – with little work experience – I’m very happy that I have found your blog with all these useful information, details and explaination. I will read from now on every day and get my knowledge up-to-date so he will not have any more reasons to make me feel stupid.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and more power to you! Keep the information coming. All the best to you!


  37. Hello Hariesh! We spoke via email about working together, but all my emails are not getting to you… I just want to land content to see if we can get some projects rolling or maybe if this is just not possible? let me know!

  38. For me as a student in the field of economics your blog has been an invaluable and reliable source of knowledge for quite some time now. My deepest gratitude for you and everyone else of this community for your work and efforts to explain the terms and conditions in the world of international shipping!

    • Hello Kai, thank you for your kind words.. I would encourage you to participate in the discussions taking place and post your comments on the various articles which is the best way for you to increase your knowledge further..

  39. I am just retired after working for 53 years in the Freight Forwarding business of which 32 years were dedicated to handle exclusively Wine and Spirits mostly between worldwide origins to USA.
    I just discovered your site looking for legal back-ups of Container rules and regulations such as B/Ls Clauses “Door to Door or House to House”, “Shipper’s load stowage and count” and “Said to contain”.
    I look forward to intercommunicate in your blogs in the near future.

  40. Hi Hariesh
    I am a controller in the freight forwarding / customs brokerage industry in South Africa. I have been following your blog for the better part of the 10 years that I have been in this industry. your posts and guests posts are always very helpful and informative.

    I started following your blog when I entered the industry and decided to build my career in this industry. I started studying and your blog has assisted me in quite a few sticky situations – including proving my boss wrong on an occasion or two! πŸ™‚

    I don’t regularly comment on the posts, however, I do find it very informative. even now, after I have written my dissertation on the new Customs Control Act of 2014 and completed my diploma in Export management through IMM and my diploma in Freight Science through SDS.

    sometimes the articles just reaffirms facts and make me remember things that have been forgotten, but it is still a read I look forward to! I have recommended quite a number of people new to the industry to follow your blog to assist them.

    Keep up the good work.

  41. Hello Hariesh Sir,

    Iam Rohit.I have just started my career in the freight forwarding industry as an Export clerk/customer service in a company based in Coimbatore. For me, your blog seems like a gold mine.
    And I love your cute signature in your/our language. πŸ™‚
    If you don’t mind will you advise me how to go forward in this industry?

  42. Hello Hariesh,
    I am Shinith. A Logistics and Warehouse professiona in Dubai since 2003. I am following this blog for a long time. Thank you very much for your great effort of making this blog simple and useful to everyone who are in the industry. Cheers!!

  43. I am Latoria, a Customs Broker based in the United States. We also offer freight forwarding services. I love how simple things are explained. I use the blog to reinforce training to my employees. It helps things “click” better. Thank you for this blog. You are doing a great job!

  44. Hello Mr. Hariesh,

    I am John, a Trade Finance Accountant based in Dubai. I find your blog highly educational and informative. Keep up the good work.


  45. Hi Hariesh,

    Just got to learn about your Blog today. Its so educative and I have learnt quite a number of things. I work in a Shipping Line in Tanzania and I believe I am going to benefit a lot from you. Keep up with the good work.

  46. Hi, i appreciate your effort.I was just looking into how to write a company profile and i found myself in this blog post. Kindly can you give an overview on this?
    I am writing a company profile for a new clearing and forwarding company.

    Thank you

  47. Hi Hariesh,

    My name is Rashed. I am country manager for UASC in Cambodia. We have started operations here in Sep 2015.
    I have been following your blog from time to time, it has been a very useful resource in many cases. Sometimes I
    refer my colleagues to look up your blog on google and to go through. Wishing you all the best. Take Care.

  48. Hi I’m really new to the shipping and freight industry. This is my first week of work for an Italian freight forwarding company. I think your blog is very useful to people like me that have no experience in this field. Your post on bbl and mil was very helpful.

  49. Hello Harish,

    My name is Ary and I am residing in Indonesia. I have been an active reader of your blog and I found it very informative. Thanks for your good work and may God bless you in return of your kindness.

    I actually own a company producing desiccant in Indonesia and as you may expect, shipping and containers are two related businesses to me that I need to keep tract of their development; so that’s where your blog help me a lot.

    Honestly, I would like to know more about recent global desiccant industry (players, market potentials, etc) and its relation to shipping industry. I would be much more than happy if you could share your experience on that matter.

    With warm regards from Indonesia,

    • Hello Ary, thank you for your comments.. I am glad to be of help to you.. However, I am not conversant specifically with what you have asked about the desiccant industry.. So I would not be able to comment on that unfortunately..

  50. Hi Harish!

    I just came here by accident when I searched in the web for a special topic and I get caught immediately by the different topics that I read randomly, It is a wonderful blog to get a brighter idea and learn about the most kind of issues that the Pro’s we have commonly in the matter. As a suggestion I think a Drop Shipping post will be a lot helpful, also topics like Tradings companies, Back to Back orders and BackOrders would be awesome!

    B. Julio
    International Trade & South Cone Operating Officer, Mexico
    Regards from MΓ©xico!

  51. hi Harish,

    Have just stumbled upon your blog while googling for some info. Have subscribed as well. Hope to receive some useful information. Am going through the blog and will post more comments later. on the whole, very useful blog for shipping and SCM industry people.

    My name is Shankar . I work and live in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. I am part of a company called Global Logistics offering Ex liner out service from east and southern african ports.

  52. Dear Haresh
    Inspite of knowing you well, i accidentally happen to stumble over your blog…Its really informative and will recommend this blog to all the Freshers in the Industry…Great Job.!!! Keep Going….


  53. Hey Hariesh! Thank you for this blog! I am an architecture student studying city and port relationships and find your personal insight in this field very interesting! πŸ™‚ One thing I’m interested in looking into is the whole process of off and on loading of cargo containers from vessels and I would like to know more about it. It would be nice if you as in insider could help me out! πŸ™‚

  54. Hi Hariesh. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of your blog. I am currently doing Sea-freight Imports in SA. My company has recently added to my responsibilities by me doing our Bonded Cargo. Do you know of any places i could study (part time courses or correspondence) where i could gain more knowledge on this? I am being “trained” by the Airfreight Sup but its too sporadic for me to fully grasp what i need to know.

  55. Hi Hariesh….firstly thank you so much for making this website. It is great. I am starting with a shipping company soon. Not really sure I think on the operating side so Im guessing a lot of emailing and keeping the customer service side of things happy. Im a complete beginner so basic things like the incoterms a busting my head atm.

  56. Thank you, Hariesh, for the wonderful information and sharing that this blog provides globally! I am a C-TPAT consultant working with Importers bringing their goods into the US. I appreciate the broad knowledge-base that this blog covers, the educational component it offers, and it is a great way to be made aware of real-time, current issues affecting suppliers and businesses outside of the US. I am particularly interested in shipping security and the customs/trade MRA’s in other countries that are similar to our C-TPAT. Thank you for your expertise and for supporting this platform!

  57. Hi sir… I was very much scared 3 months ago when i joined this forwarding company ( MARINETRANS INDIA PVT LTD) mainly export business held here…..But now I feel bit secure not much πŸ˜› thanks to your website, really very good for beginners.. Sure some day I will stand well in this business…

  58. Hey Hariesh,

    First of all, thanks!

    i must say, this blog is addictive. am an avid reader of this blog.

    Its great what you are doing. not many guyz share knowledge. but am a true believer that knowledge increases as we share.

    hats off to you sir.

    I am working with Cargomar PVT LTD. we have 14 branches in India, 2 in USA and 2 in Dubai. I’am spear heading their projects department. joined recently, its just been 2 months.

    i handle project , roro, cross trades and heavy lift movements.

    your blog is really helpful.


  59. I am a consolidator FMCG products from Indonesia and have been exporting around the world and dealing with this kind of stuff since past 5 years. I found this blog very informative and helpful. Good job mate!!

  60. Hi Hariesh,
    i can’t describe your blog, really it’s very good, i follow u from Tunisia, i worked in a shipping agency for two years and now i’m a trainer of transport and logistics, thank u very much and may god help u

  61. Hi Hariesh,

    This is truly a fantastic resource. I work in the marketing dept for a 3PL and come to your blog regularly to increase my knowledge of the industry. I always find tons of useful information and usually end up circulating it to my colleagues. I hope to one day become this knowledgeable! I am specifically interested in posts about cross-border shipping. Thanks!

  62. Hi, I am sajjad a boutique resort owner in Vizhinjam, Kerala. New container transhipment port comming up her by Adani group. I would like to step in to this industry. Is there any thing that we can do together. My phone +91-9847069654, email love to here from you ASAP

  63. Hi,
    Ship planner in New Caledonia…
    Previously Ship Agent and Cargo Surveyor in France.
    Good job for your blog. Can find so many interesting info…

  64. Hi Hariesh,
    I am in Logistics from last 07 Years and one day after searching about more depth of this field came across your Blog…. I must say this has been really informative but what I saw is that there are not such post’s on Air Export / Air Import process. I needed to know more about Air Import process in GENERAL and also liabilities of documents that are used in export and import. can you upload in your new post’s please.
    Jerald Robert.*Pakistan*

    • Hello Jerald, thanks for your comments.. My specialty is in Sea Freight and my knowledge of Air Freight is very minimal and I don’t have the competency to write about Airfreight..

  65. Hi Hariesh, I am irfan from Tanzania currently working with PIL as marketing, this blog is really useful in expanding my knowledge and has built an interest for me in the shipping industry. Further I would like to finish my studies in the shipping field as marketing. Do you have any suggestions for me??

    • Hi Irfan, did you mean that you want to learn marketing in shipping..?? If so, I am not aware of any course that specifically targets or caters for marketing in shipping.. You can undergo a proper sales and marketing degree and those techniques maybe applied in shipping as well with a little bit of tweaking..

  66. Hi Hariesh, I’m Ariel from China, new in the freight forwarding field and the knowledge here is really helpful. Thanks a lot. As China has been invloved more in the international business nowadays, I am wondering what kind of difficulties people usually have when it comes to export from China.

    • Hello Ariel, thank you for your feedback and welcome to my blog.. There are a few items that have been discussed here with regards to shipment from China and it relates mainly to fraudulent activities where some of the importers have been sent the wrong items etc..

  67. Ahoy there Hariesh Manaadiar and his faithful readers!

    I started out, fresh out of college into the shipping industry +40 years ago in Savannah, GA US at their brand new container port, having two cranes and two container lines, US Lines & Sealand, as their first container dispatcher, scheduling trucks in & out to pick up & deliver containers using a pigeon hole/paper tracking system (Now it is 3rd-4th largest in US). Later moved on to the container trucking business as dispatcher, then, later as SE US regional logistics manager for a major roro/container steamship line, still later as owner of a trucking agency with 4 terminals in southeast US.

    Last +30 years have owned a marine surveying company specializing in container/intermodal equipment and cargo surveys in North America with an organization of correspondent marine surveyors in all major, some minor ports and various inland cities.

    I do enjoy reading your blog and find it interesting and informative, with good range of topics.

    I thank you for the important service you provide and wish you well.


  68. Hi Hariesh. I am a purchasing manager now for 3 years, but responsible for all logistics related issues as well. In Hungary it is hard to get a footing in the shipping bussiness without any relevant experience. So your blog helps me a lot, and there are plenty of interesting stuff to check – hopefully my dreams come true soon. Sometimes it is helpful for my daily work as well, but for the time I did not need it often – fortunately! Keep up that work πŸ™‚ All in all: Thank you!

  69. hi I’m Sheeda and working as a Logistics specialist for a beverage co. Came across your blog while looking up on some shipping documentation and enjoyed your post as they are straight forward. more articles from supplier/shipper side please..

  70. I am connected with the ports authority in Palawan, Philippines. Reading your blog really helped me become more knowledgeable on terms used in the shipping industry. I could say the terms are explicitly explained – in details, and in laymen’s understanding. The write ups are presented in a way that make the reader become interested to read more. Thank you.

  71. Hello Hariesh Manaadiar,
    I work as Operations Manager for a trading company based in Panama. I came across your blog while researching for a paper I’m writing on Cargo Damage – Root Causes. Your covverage of several topics proved to be a useful source of ideas. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  72. Dear All,

    I’m Rajamanickam from Chennai, India. Currently working for CMA CGM. I’m reading this blog to update my maritime knowledge in order to clear my ICS PQE exams.

    Dear Hariesh, I’m requesting you to share an article regard ICS (Institute of chartered Shipbrokers)

    Thank You.


  73. Hello!
    My name is Domingos and i work as Custom Broker in Salvador / Brazil.
    I found your blog few weeks ago and its really usefull! Lots of good information.

    Thanks a lot!

  74. Hie! My name is Snowden, a malawian by national. Studied my diploma and qualified in the field of shipping, logistics, customs clearing and international freight forwarding 2003.

    Worked as a clearing clerk handling both imports and exports shipment. Mainly doing documentation and cleating. For a period of three to four years. And also worked as a container logistics and handling by the container terminal depot for two years. Till I find myself this side of South Africa trying to look for greener pasture up to now did not get any. So am doing different stuff.

    But with this blog of shipping I am learning more everyday. Most of the topics are useful in a way that I am intending to study more and get more qualifications in this industry of shipping and logistics..

    Thanks for this blog once again

  75. Hello ! I am a freight forwarder in Miami, FL . I have been in the industry almost 20 years and I with every blog post, I learn something new. I also like share the post to my newer colleagues and you have a beautiful way of explaining things like ” what is the difference between a house and a master” or what is a “telex release”. Your blog is great and one of a kind !

  76. I am new to this industry and this is my first job. I am following the updates of the blog regularly. I am very much thankful to you sir for upgrading my knowledge by posting regular updates. I had learnt a lot from this blog. i would like to know the process in Shipping line, their responsibilities etc. Once again thank you very much Sir.

  77. Hi Hariesh. I subscribed to your blog updates just as soon as I started a new job in the shipping field. I moved from pure hi-tech to hi-tech for containers (monitoring system) and I know nothing about the shipping industry. I have read most of your entries since. Even though they often don’t apply directly to my work, they help me get a feel for the jargon, and the concerns of people in this fascinating industry.

  78. Hi Hariesh, my name is Peter and I run a small import company, which is based in South Africa. I find your blog/articles very informative.

    My problem with shipping is with the shipping agents and the lack of transparency to their clients. When it comes to sipping, Shipping agents do not provide a regulated and transparent service about billing. Weird costs are occasionally billed, which send importers/other scurrying to your blog to try and understand what is going on.

    At the end of the day shipping agents rates provided to their customers are shambolic and cover but only a portion of costs that can be invoiced. When costs are invoiced, which are not indicated in any shipping agents rates, they are normally huge, one sided and favour the shipping agent, which leaves the customer feeling that they have been cleverly played and ripped off, their ignorance has been taken advantage of.

    I think a fair amount of customers may occasionally feel this way about shipping agents billing practices and an article covering what rates a good and ethical shipping agent should be providing customers with at minimum would be useful.

    PS – I’ve yet to come across a shipping agent who can consistently bill correctly, which is staggering.

    • Hello Hariesh, apologies I refer to the Freight Forwarder. Generally speaking we are of the opinion that Freight Forwarders (in RSA) do not put together a firm and exclusive shipping rate schedule (from actual rates that may be billed to various factors used in calculation of billing). Because of this I venture to say there are always issues (will rates and billing) and in our opinion the chief culprit is the freight forwarder. My qualification is that of a professional engineer so in part I feel qualified to make these assertions. The freight forwarders and their association need to put forward formidable guidelines and a firm schedules of costs etc that are above scrutiny, at present this is not the case and in many instances many costs etc are excluded from scheduled rates, which is extremely frustrating especially because we as importers rely on these schedules to price imported goods.

  79. Hello Hariesh,
    Currently i am the Country Manager for Velji Global Logistics and based in Mombasa, Kenya. We handle LCL import consolidation,freight forwarding and road transportation to interiors regions.
    I really enjoy reading your articles and I am always ready to give my inputs on the topics which I handle out here in East Africa.
    I appreciate your efforts and would surely meet you when I come to South Africa.
    Keep up the good work on enlightening all of us…all the very best…happy bloging

  80. Hello Everyone,

    Im Yousuf Zahid Hussain working as Assistant Manager Commercial in Pakistan National Shipping Corporation. Basically i have more than 5 year experience is in dry bulk chartering.Right now working in Freight Billing department. Honestly speaking whatever I have learn so far about containerized shipment is from this Blog. They are written in a very simple and effective way. I’m also looking forward to do diploma in freight forwarding reconsigned by FIATA

    Thanks & Best Regards


  81. Dear Sir,

    My self Ashwin working in a Trading company. I am reading this blog for 2 years which is very useful for me. This blog is easy to understand because of its simple language. And I came to know the exact meaning of many terms from this blog.
    I want you to share ideas of what and all job and business opportunities available in this field. Is there possibilities does an
    Entrepreneur can start his own business and can withstand successfully in this field.

  82. Hello Everyone.
    i keep reading this informative site on and off. and there are lot that i happen to learn from this blog.
    its a pretty good initiative from the team that has actually taken time to keep a blog alive with relevant information.

    i would also suggest that we have some online group where in it can help in “active interaction” within the readers and blog members.
    Discussion / Doubts / Clarifications / Sharing of Shipping New and updates will be a lot more easier.

    Those can be updaed on the blog as well.
    since gagets have become handy, logging to an email and then reading blogs, becomes quiet a bit lengthy at time. (not every time)

    Above is just my suggestion.

    • Hello Sunil, I am glad to be of assistance.. Readers can always contribute and participate in relevant discussions via the comments form in the various articles.. You can also ask questions via the Sidebar.. I have listed 7 tips on how to use this blog effectively here..

  83. Dear readers and Hariesh,

    I work as shipping broker in maritime agency and I’m following closely your posts since they are helping in my job. Sometimes I really need someone to clarify me some terms in shipping since it’s quite complex business sector. Therefore, thank you very much for your help so far. Hope that you will stay professional and simple at the same time as so far.

    B rgds,

  84. hi. im line manager of a container shipping line. I want to thank you for your blog, itΒ΄s very useful and helpful.

  85. Hello Hariesh Manaadiar,
    I work as Shipping Administrator in The Netherlands. I came across your articles when I was looking for the different terms on the Bill of Lading. It gave me a much better understanding so thank you for all the good work!

    • Hello Leonne, glad to be of assistance to you and thank you for the compliments.. There are several articles relating to Bill of Lading – one of the most important documents in the shipping process.. πŸ™‚

  86. Hi Hariesh,

    I am working in a freight forwarding company from Romania, both export and import. I follow your blog for about 2 years now, and even tough I have more than 6 years experience in this field, I still find very useful your articles, because this industry is constantly changing and because another point of view is always useful.

    So keep up the great job that your are doing, and I will be waiting for your articles!

    Thank you!

    • Hello Simona, thank you for following this blog and I will surely continue writing on topics of interest to you.. Please do also participate and comment on the various articles..

  87. Hi Hariesh, I am attached to a leading Freight Company, have been in the trade for the last 17 years and more, I head the operations and have always looked for avenues to enhance my knowledge in the industry, have done a few courses regarding the shipping trade, I am pleased to let you know that this blog have given me a lot of knowledge, specially when discussing practical issues, your know how and the simple language you use to explain a situation is very good, please continue your good work, I have recommended this blog to all I know.

  88. Hi Hariesh
    I have been using your blog for some years now, and even though I am fairly knowledgeable in shipping, i learn every day when new comments are listed on your blog,learning never stops in the shipping industry and everyday is never the same.
    Thank You

  89. Hi Hariesh, I am Onwuanua David Chinedu, a student of Federal University of Technology Owerri(FUTO), studying Maritime Management Technology in Nigeria. I joined this blogging site few months ago and it has been impacted me immensely concerning nautical activities. I’m looking forward to enjoy more information about my beloved course so that I would be able to offer my utmost best service to humanity through shipping business. Thanks.

    • Hello David, am glad this blog and articles have been of use to you in understanding more about the industry.. Looking forward to participation in the discussions and articles here..

  90. Hi There
    I work as the Manager of the Projects Division of the Company. 20Cube is a Global Freight Forwarder with HQ in Singapore. I’m based in Brisbane Australia but I’m originally from Venezuela.
    By the way, FANTASTIC BLOG, great Topics and very clear approach in every article!!!

  91. Hello I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management student at the Polytechnic of Namibia. This year i did a module on Maritime logistics and your blog really helped me understand Maritime logistics better and even convinced me to merge into the Maritime logistics world. Thank you

  92. Hi readers of this blog

    As responsable of customer service an logistics in a plastic company this blog has helped me a lot to have a better idea about all the particular on shipping procedures.

  93. Hello Hariesh
    I work as consultant in Materials Management and have been subscribing to your blog for few years
    I appreciate your articles in simple language, based on subjects of interest about day to day issues faced by practicing professionals
    Apart from your blog I also do receive feeds from
    I take this opportunity to Thank you for your efforts and wish that the blog would continue to guide the professionals
    R V Abhyankar

    • Hello Abhyankar.. Glad that you noticed about the writing in simple language and as I have mentioned in the post about me, shipping and freight business is a hard enough business to understand and cope, even for seasoned veterans.. That is one of the main reasons why I write in simple and easy to understand language..

  94. Hi Hariesh,

    I wish you are doing fine, I m Safoin Ziane from Morocco I m working in a shipping line as Processes manager I have been reading your blog for almost ten months it is helping me understand thΓ© shipping industry.
    Thank you for sharing some important information and expertise.

    Kindle regard

    • Safoin, am glad this blog and articles have been of use to you in understanding more about the industry.. Looking forward to participation in the discussions and articles here..

  95. My name is John Reynolds. I am a Director of an Australian lifeboat company enrolled in the Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Maritime Management at the World Maritime University prior to progressing to an MSc. I use this site for good practical information and to get a broader professional perspective.

  96. Hi Hariesh,
    My name is Mostafa, now i’m working in export department and i’d like to mention that this blog was very helpful for me to understand some of topics which was difficult to know the difference between them without reading your blog.
    Thank you.

    • Shukran Mostafa, glad to be help in your learning and understanding process.. The best way to learn and understand is to participate in many of the discussions on this blog or comment on articles..

  97. Hi buddy,

    I just recently joined your email newsletter.

    I work for documentation process in a shipping company and am looking for any or every information, I liked your article which you wrote about demurrage and detention.

    Keep writing and keep helping,

    Have a great day. Thanks

  98. Hii sir,

    Satish Yandapalli here from India, completed my pg diploma in shipping management.. Going to join ICS. Found this blog while I was surfing, this is the only site that I found as very informative. Great work sir.. Keep going.

  99. Hi, I am Mahesh.K.U working as Executive Finance and Accounts in a reputed MNC called Sud-Chemie India Pvt. Ltd. I have been into export incentives monitoring department in which shipping and despatch is of utmost important due to stringent documentation requirements. I came to know about this site while I was clearing some doubts on High Seas sales and found the details retrieved from this site to be very useful and expected worth registering to become a part of this information and guidance site. Thank you.

  100. Hello Hariesh, I work as a document specialist at a shipping line, creating the BOL for the freight forwarders, thus learning a lot from your blogs that are very helpful. I have to make sure all accurate information is on the B/L and rider for customs and our agents in other countries.

  101. my name is Bari Khan. Merchant Marine Engineer, going for Class 2 ticket in January. Currently working at the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency as a graduate surveyor but also spending time in policy branches.

    • Glad to connect with you Bari.. Would you mind sharing your experience or day to day activity as a Merchant Marine Engineer as part of my A Day in the Life Of….. series on this blog.. You can see further information here

  102. Hi Hariesh,

    My name is Abdourahman and I am a Post Graduate in Shipping and Logistics management, I was invited to blog by prof. Prem Kumar who is also a member of this blog.
    Currently I am working in Dp world-Doraleh Port in Djibouti.
    I express all my thanks to Mr.Prem who invited me to join the blog and the most importantly Mr.Hariesh for your constant source of knowledge in the Shipping Industry… Thank you again

  103. Hi Hariesh,

    My name is Prashant Roy and I belong to the manufacturing Industry and run my own business for almost 25 years.

    An old friend of mine who has over 2 decades of experience in the Freight forwarding Industry invited me to join him as partner in the logistics field. In less than 6 months I realized that he wasn’t transparent in his dealings and was undercutting me. since I was a new comer & had no idea about this business I had to bear up with him, till one day when I could take it no longer and broke up with him.

    In that short period of time, I developed a liking for this interesting field & as a challenge, decided to go about this business alone. Your blog has helped boost my confidence.

    It has also helped me immensely and I have been reading each and every topic repeatedly. Most articles are very informative, while some of them are too advanced for my understanding.

    I would love to have a TOPIC that tells about all the different Abbreviations used all over the world in the Industry. I know you have a topic of this type but its not very elaborate.

    There could also be TOPIC showing enlarged versions of the various documents used in this trade, for eg. Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of entry etc.

    While it is important to tell us what one should “DO” to transact a smooth business deal, its more important to tell what one should “NOT DO”. This will most definitely help people like me.

    Your website would be solely responsible in my success and has acted as a catalyst, if not a stepping stone for me to understand the nuances of this industry.

    Thank you once again for all your efforts. Congratulations………….. I hope some day I shall be able to contribute to this blog with some reliable info. In the mean while I shall be asking you a lot of questions………

    Love & warm regards

    Prashant Roy

    • Hi Prashant, I am glad that this blog is of help to you.. That is precisely the reason why I started this blog.. While some of the items might be too advanced for you at this stage, as you progress with your business, you will find it relevant.. In the meantime, please feel free to keep asking questions about topics that you are not clear about.. Will be glad to assist you..

  104. Hello, I’m so a newbie in this field. I just started my work almost 3 months ago in a trading company. It’s a very challenging part doing all the things I had never heard. My predecessor only taught me the basic thing of my job for a week and I didn’t find this job quite interesting until I read sooo many terms I had not know. Colleagues surely help me but I need to find things by myself also.
    It’s such a blessing found this blog. Clear explanation and the readers are also interesting and actively interact to others.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Opat, thanks for your comments.. Glad to be of help to you.. The best way for someone new to the industry to learn is to ask questions.. LOTS of it.. Please feel free to discuss and share your views on all the articles here..

    • Hi Gideon, nothing wrong with the date of the server.. 26th September 2012 was when this article was posted.. Maybe there is some duplication from your end because if you scroll down this post you can see that you had already commented on 26th September..

  105. I am a software developer, developing an application for Liner Business for one of my clients. I read this blog from time to time to get a better understanding of the shipping industry.

  106. hello there. I just started working in the industry for a shipping line. I deal with a lot of customers and your blog is helping me learn more about my new career. thank you!

  107. Hi Hariesh Manaadiar,

    First all many thanks for putting up such a wonderful and informative blog about shipping and freight forwarding. As you claim, this is undoubtedly the best, the most simply and practically written blog about shipping I have seen so far. Appreciate your effort and we wish to see more from you mate !!!

    Well about me, I am Sajith, basically from Kerala,India, now working in Kuwait in a reputed shipping company of the Middle East, relatively a fresher in the shipping and freight forwarding side after completing my Masters in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Manchester.

    Would love to see the topics you have been posting since 2008 in sections and with topic names and also provide more of case studies about various scenarios/situtaions happening across the industry.

    Again many thanks,


  108. HI,

    1. Chris Moo Hoy Wan
    2. CMS Logistics Group (S) Pte Ltd
    3 I work as Sales Executive for NVOCC company

    Great blog to me learn more about shipping industries, please write more on NVOCC information.

  109. I am a PhD student in Maritime Law and I’ve been reading this blog for several months now. Thank you for the articles that you post here and keep up the good work!
    As regards the topics that I am interested in, these include cargo handling, cargo claims, FIOS clause, lien clause, deck carriage, containerization.

    • Hello Ilian, thank you for your information.. Trust you have read all the articles on this blog about the topics you are interested in.. If you still have any further doubts, pls feel free to ask..

  110. I am a software developer. I am working on an application for a client in Shipping. I read this blog to give me a better understanding of Shipping.

    Keep up the good work.

  111. Firstly, great blog!
    1.who (you) the readers of this blog are, – Mohamed Leach
    2.which branch of the shipping industry or trade you represent or belong to, – Manufacturing (BHPBIlliton), Aluminium Industry. Supply Excellence. you work for a shipping line, clearing agent, exporter or importer – Importer and exporter of traded product

  112. Hi there,

    I just started working in trading and I came across your blog because I was wondering what a Switch B/L meant in layman’s terms. Your article was very helpful and easy to understand. My company works between Korea and Taiwan trading petrochemicals for plastics. Articles related to tax customs in Asia (or just in general) would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


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