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What is meant by Direct Delivery..??

There are cases where some of containers might need to be

  • directly loaded onto the ship from the truck – meaning it doesn’t get offloaded at the CY (container yard) as is normally done with other containers..
  • directly discharged onto the truck from the ship – meaning it doesn’t get shuffled to the CY (container yard) as is normally done with other containers..

In such cases it is known as DIRECT DELIVERY..

So when does DIRECT DELIVERY happen..??
  • the container could be carrying certain high risk hazardous cargoes such as Explosives, Radioactive material cargoes and generally any of the ports that accept such cargo to be discharged or loaded do so only on condition that the discharge/load is done on a DIRECT DELIVERY BASIS.. This is to minimise the risk of any accidents that might occur at the port due to the volatile nature of the cargo.. The exporter or importer that deals with such cargo normally has to secure permissions from various government bodies like the police, military, fire department etc.. Normally hazmat people are also on standby during such operations..
  • any heavy or abnormal cargo that cannot be handled twice at the port due to the nature of the cargo in which case it is directly offloaded onto the truck that will carry the cargo to its final destination..


  1. what if the liner doesn’t inform the cnee of direct delivery term.
    not mention this term within the BL.
    shipment arrived then the liner agent discovered the Direct Delivery Term
    which happened end of week and at beginning of 4 days official holiday.

  2. In such a case where the cargoes are of abnormal sizes or weight can we write on the B/Ls as
    ” Hook to Hook”. Please advise.

    • Maybe in terms of breakbulk or bulk, but in container terms none of the lines show hook/hook on the bill of lading.. They might mention the clause in the bill of lading that the client is required to take direct delivery at pod..

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