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What is EDI and what is the importance of EDI in current day shipping..??

EDI = Electronic Data Interchange.. EDI comprises of many types of “messages” which when transmitted between two parties is designed to substitute other forms of data transfer..

In the olden days, a hard copy of the manifest used to be handed over to the captain of the ship and also a hard copy of the same used to be couriered or posted to the relevant discharge ports..

As technology improved, there was the process by which the manifest was sent to the relevant discharge ports by email.. The manifests thus received by the discharge port agents were manually captured into their respective computer systems..

What is EDIWith the advent of EDI, the above can now be avoided and precious time can be saved.. When sent as an EDI message, the data can be instantly downloaded into the recipient’s system thereby avoiding manual capture which in turn will avoid any typographical errors and also saves a lot of time..

This EDI messaging is also used to send the data to Customs (Manifest, Bill of Entry), Port (Container Stowage planning, Cargo Dues, Load/Discharge list, Container moves), Principals (Load/Discharge list, Container moves, Bookings)..

Usually there are software that will help to convert data into an EDI format and this is then sent by email to the recipient same as a normal machine.. At the other end, there are systems that can automatically receive these msgs and transfer them back into data in their system..

There are many different types of EDI messages chief among them or mainly used by shipping lines/agents are as below (source =

1. ENTREC Accounting entries message

2. DOCAMA Advice of an amendment of a documentary credit message

3. CONAPW Advice on pending works message

4. RETANN Announcement for returns message

5. APERAK Application error and acknowledgement message

6. IFTMAN Arrival notice message

7. AUTHOR Authorization message

8. BALANC Balance message

9. BOPCUS Balance of payment customer transaction report message

10. BOPINF Balance of payment information from customer message

11. BOPBNK Bank transactions and portfolio transactions report message

12. BANSTA Banking status message

13. BAPLIE Bayplan/stowage plan occupied and empty locations message

14. BERMAN Berth management message

15. IFTMBC Booking confirmation message

16. BMISRM Bulk marine inspection summary report message

17. BUSCRD Business credit report message

18. IFTICL Cargo insurance claims message

19. HANMOV Cargo/goods handling and movement message

20. CHACCO Chart of accounts message

21. CLASET Classification information set message

22. COACSU Commercial account summary message

23. COMDIS Commercial dispute message

24. IFTMCA Consignment advice message

25. COPARN Container announcement message

26. COPRAR Container discharge/loading order message

27. COARRI Container discharge/loading report message

28. CODECO Container gate-in/gate-out report message

29. COPINO Container pre-notification message

30. COREOR Container release order message

31. COHAOR Container special handling order message

32. COSTCO Container stuffing/stripping confirmation message

33. COSTOR Container stuffing/stripping order message

34. CNTCND Contractual conditions message

35. COPAYM Contributions for payment

36. CREADV Credit advice message

37. RECECO Credit risk cover message

38. CUSCAR Customs cargo report message

39. CUSREP Customs conveyance report message

40. CUSDEC Customs declaration message

41. CUSEXP Customs express consignment declaration message

42. CUSRES Customs response message

43. IFTDGN Dangerous goods notification message

44. DGRECA Dangerous goods recapitulation message

45. DMRDEF Data maintenance request definition message

46. DMSTAT Data maintenance status report/query message

47. DAPLOS Data Plot Sheet

48. DEBADV Debit advice message

49. DEBREC Debts recovery message

50. DELJIT Delivery just in time message

51. DELFOR Delivery schedule message

52. DESADV Despatch advice message

53. BOPDIR Direct balance of payment declaration message

54. DIRDEB Direct debit message

55. CONDPV Direct payment valuation message

56. DIRDEF Directory definition message

57. DOCADV Documentary credit advice message

58. DOCAMI Documentary credit amendment information message

59. DOCAPP Documentary credit application message

60. DOCINF Documentary credit issuance information message

61. CONDRA Drawing administration message

62. CONDRO Drawing organisation message

63. IMPDEF EDI implementation guide definition message

64. INFENT Enterprise accounting information message

65. DESTIM Equipment damage and repair estimate message

66. CONEST Establishment of contract message

67. CREEXT Extended credit advice message

68. PAYEXT Extended payment order message

69. FINCAN Financial cancellation message

70. FINSTA Financial statement of an account message

71. IFTMBF Firm booking message

72. IFCSUM Forwarding and consolidation summary message

73. IFTRIN Forwarding and transport rate information message

74. IFTSAI Forwarding and transport schedule and availability information message

75. IFTCCA Forwarding and transport shipment charge calculation message

76. GENRAL General purpose message

77. GESMES Generic statistical message

78. GOVCBR Government Cross Border Regulatory message

79. ITRRPT In transit report detail message

80. INFCON Infrastructure condition message

81. INSRPT Inspection report message

82. INSREQ Inspection request message

83. IFTMCS Instruction contract status message

84. RETINS Instruction for returns message

85. IFTMIN Instruction message

86. INSDES Instruction to despatch message

87. ICASRP Insurance claim assessment and reporting message

88. ICSOLI Insurance claim solicitor’s instruction message

89. IPPOAD Insurance policy administration message

90. INSPRE Insurance premium message

91. PRPAID Insurance premium payment message

92. ISENDS Intermediary system enablement or disablement message

93. SANCRT International movement of goods governmental regulatory message

94. IFTSTA International multimodal status report message

95. IFTSTQ International multimodal status request message

96. IFTFCC International transport freight costs and other charges message

97. INVRPT Inventory report message

98. CONITT Invitation to tender message

99. INVOIC Invoice message

100. JOBAPP Job application proposal message

101. JAPRES Job application result message

102. JINFDE Job information demand message

103. JOBCON Job order confirmation message

104. JOBOFF Job order message

105. JOBMOD Job order modification message

106. JUPREQ Justified payment request message

107. LEDGER Ledger message

108. CASRES Legal administration response in civil proceedings message

109. LREACT Life reinsurance activity message

110. LRECLM Life reinsurance claims message

111. MEQPOS Means of transport and equipment position message

112. MEDPRE Medical prescription message

113. MEDRUC Medical resource usage and cost message

114. MEDRPT Medical service report message

115. MEDREQ Medical service request message

116. MSCONS Metered services consumption report message

117. SSIMOD Modification of identity details message

118. IPPOMO Motor insurance policy message

119. CREMUL Multiple credit advice message

120. DEBMUL Multiple debit advice message

121. FINPAY Multiple interbank funds transfer message

122. PAYMUL Multiple payment order message

123. SSREGW Notification of registration of a worker message

124. OSTENQ Order status enquiry message

125. OSTRPT Order status report message

126. PARTIN Party information message

127. PAXLST Passenger list message

128. PAYORD Payment order message

129. CONPVA Payment valuation message

130. PAYDUC Payroll deductions advice message

131. CUSPED Periodic customs declaration message

132. CODENO Permit expiration/clearance ready notice message

133. MEDPID Person identification message

134. PRICAT Price/sales catalogue message

135. PRIHIS Pricing history message

136. PRODAT Product data message

137. PRODEX Product exchange reconciliation message

138. PROINQ Product inquiry message

139. PROSRV Product service message

140. PROCST Project cost reporting message

141. PROTAP Project tasks planning message

142. IFTMBP Provisional booking message

143. ORDCHG Purchase order change request message

144. ORDERS Purchase order message

145. ORDRSP Purchase order response message

146. QALITY Quality data message

147. CONQVA Quantity valuation message

148. QUOTES Quote message

149. RECADV Receiving advice message

150. REGENT Registration of enterprise message

151. REBORD Reinsurance bordereau message

152. RECALC Reinsurance calculation message

153. RECLAM Reinsurance claims message

154. RECORD Reinsurance core data message

155. REPREM Reinsurance premium message

156. RESETT Reinsurance settlement message

157. RETACC Reinsurance technical account message

158. RELIST Reinsured objects list message

159. REMADV Remittance advice message

160. RPCALL Repair call message

161. COLREQ Request for a documentary collection message

162. DOCAMR Request for an amendment of a documentary credit message

163. REQDOC Request for document message

164. CASINT Request for legal administration action in civil proceedings message

165. REQOTE Request for quote message

166. RESMSG Reservation message

167. CONRPW Response of pending works message

168. DOCARE Response to an amendment of a documentary credit message

169. SAFHAZ Safety and hazard data message

170. SLSRPT Sales data report message

171. SLSFCT Sales forecast message

172. STLRPT Settlement transaction reporting message

173. SOCADE Social administration message

174. STATAC Statement of account message

175. MOVINS Stowage instruction message

176. SUPCOT Superannuation contributions advice message

177. SUPMAN Superannuation maintenance message

178. SUPRES Supplier response message

179. TANSTA Tank status report message

180. TAXCON Tax control message

181. CONTEN Tender message

182. TPFREP Terminal performance message

183. COEDOR Transport equipment stock and profile report message

184. UTILMD Utilities master data message

185. VATDEC Value added tax message

186. CALINF Vessel call information message

187. VESDEP Vessel departure message

188. WASDIS Waste disposal information message

189. WKGRDC Work grant decision message

190. WKGRRE Work grant request message

191. CONWQD Work item quantity determination message

192. SSRECH Worker’s insurance history message


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Hariesh Manaadiar
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  1. Sir,

    What is the difference between an EDI charge and SMK charge ? I am new to this industry and appreciate the explanation.


  2. is there a edi for shipping lines to provide their buying quotes to NVOCC companies instead of forwarding the same on excl sheets or pdf’s

  3. HI, will you please help me to find a vendor who provides configurable EDI services for all above mentioned EDIs mainly in to shipping and logistics domain. We are looking for a partnership with any EDI vendor to plug our products and generate various EDIs. In case, if you know, please refer.

  4. hi
    just wondering if how would we able to start implementing the EDI in our company. we are currently doing manual operations in loading/discharging containers in our port. after the operations the final loading was in hard copy in excel format and handed over to the chief officer and email to the central planner.

    my main concern is what are the software we need to open a baplie file, and MOVINS file.

  5. Hello
    Your information is really helpful for people like me . Really appreciate your efforts.
    Actually I worked on EDI many times but never knew this information which you shared . It’s very hard to gain knowledge of EDI without doing any course or work training. This will help me in my career ahead . Info like this will never get wasted .
    Thanks a lot for sharing

    • actually u are right . i’m new in this domain
      i learn a lot of infos by this site , thanks for everyone here

  6. Thanks very much for your work and for the explanation of each document.
    I am naïve in the EDI field, I have a project that I hope you can give me an advice.
    We will working with a trading partner that manage the our inventory in the consignment way but we require have the information of the inventory and sales also the information of the received the orders of resupply products , whit this short information Could you tell me what are the documents that they and we have to use for that propose
    Mauricio Tellez

  7. Hi Sir,

    E- Manifest (EDI) submission (Shipping Line/ Carrier to Local Custom) is based on per BL basis whereby the data entry must consisting of shipment (qty, M3, item description, weightage & etc), actual shipper & consignee according to OBL/ MBL details?

    Or Shipping Line to submit EDI to custom base on whole ship consignment just in “once” only?

    • Hi Jennifer, shipping line submits the data to customs based on the manifest of the full discharge that takes place at the port of discharge.. Subsequent amendments and changes maybe made depending on the local customs regulations..

  8. Dear Hareish, Very useful info. I know in general abt EDI , never knew that tehre was so many edi with details and so on.
    Keep up the good work.


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