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Welcome to 2016

Hello to all my dear readers..

Trust everyone had a good entry into 2016.. I wish everyone the best of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity and WELCOME TO 2016..

Entering into 2016, I realized it was time for a makeover for my logo and blog design..

So I changed the logo to something more representative of this blog’s educational motives which is to propel and promote shipping and freight knowledge for all..

The design has also been simplified to make the site much faster for your reading pleasure..

Hope you like it.. 🙂

2016 new logo


For all the new comers who have signed up to this blog welcome to this blog..

image for welcome

I would recommend you start by reading what this blog is all about and how to use this blog effectively..

This will help you understand how this blog is structured so you can optimize your reading pleasure..

Once again, I wish everyone the best for 2016 and stay tuned for regular articles.. If you are not subscribed, you can do so here for free.. Remember you can also contribute to this site by sharing your knowledge and experiences..

Looking forward to our interactions in 2016.. 🙂

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Hariesh Manaadiar
Hariesh Manaadiarhttps://www.shippingandfreightresource.com
I am Hariesh Manaadiar, the Founder of Shipping and Freight Resource.. I have been in the dynamic shipping and freight industry for over three decades and have worked in several sectors.. I share my experiences and knowledge of the industry through this blog for those looking for help in the industry.. Stay subscribed for more free useful content about shipping, freight, maritime, logistics, supply chain and trade..


  1. Hi Harish,

    Thanks a lot for publishing this. I’m a newcomer in this industry and it definitely helps me understand inductry lingo and the implicit thought behind a lot of definitions. 🙂
    Happy New Year – your work is very appreciated. 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Hariesh! Thank you for your continued shipping and freight blog. It’s an education I couldn’t get anywhere else. You are so very appreciated.

    All my Best,
    Sandra Rachal

  3. Ahoy Mr Hariesh,

    Happy Sailing into the New Year 🙂

    My work relates to Trade Finance and being generally inquisitive, I came across your wonderful blog and happily climbed on board. It has definitely made the job much more interesting and resourceful. Thanks for the terrific sailing !!!

    About the new logo, it makes me nostalgic about the old one, which was nicely juxtaposed with the contemporary articles. It was evocative in a way, as it caught the spirit of seafaring in its’ sails. The new one is bland and overly simplistic, like a hazard symbol (sorry about that). May be a forward looking profile of it or with rotary motion would make it interesting.

    Anyway, kudos for the great job and wish the very best in 2016.

    Warm regards,

    R. Rajesh Kanna

  4. Hello Harriesh! I am more than grateful for your blog and for your willing to share your knowledge which is quite rare nowadays :). ..
    I am from Madagascar and I am definitely working in the seafreight branch. Your blog is helping me to figure out and manage my daily tasks in a total confidence facing all the challenges crossing my life.
    All along this year, I would request your kind attention to share more about Incoterms with which I struggle to understand the different functionalities according to my needs through the mechanical explications on internet.

    Looking forward helping from you vers soon!

    With my best wishes,

    Dina Raza

    • Hello Dina, I am glad to be of help to you.. Regarding your question on Incoterms, feel free to ask any questions whenever you have a doubt and there will always be a response.. 🙂

  5. Hello Hariesh,

    Hope you remember me from the MBA batch. The logo and blog design is as always wonderful. Propelling the rudder of teaching forward in the vast expanse of unending knowledge. Wish you and family a happy and prosperous New year 2016.

    Thank you for informative posts and as expressed earlier hats off!!


  6. Hi Mr.Hareish,Wish you a great year 2016.
    The Logo design is excellent.Hope to see more educational blogs as usual in this year also.I have recommended to many of my students to go through the blogs for the gain of practical knowledge.

  7. dear Sir,

    thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and educating others. you have helped me in a way I cannot explain. I’m still a Diploma student in procurement and Logistics management but still I got a Job in Logistics company, you have helped me to learn and cope quickly in my job

  8. Dear Mr. Hariesh Manaadiar,

    Wish you a very Happy & Properious New Year.

    Sincerely wish for your health , peace and happiness to keep going with sharing, distributing and updating the Shipping & Freight knowledge & education to all conceredd in the Shipping & Freight Industry.

    With Sincere Regards

  9. Good Morning..Hariesh…
    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year..
    Excellent Logo…well done and keep up the good work of sharing your knowledge….God Bless…
    All the very best..
    Suresh Nair


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