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Weighing of all export containers

I read an interesting article from Mike Poverello’s blog about weighing of all export containers before they are shipped.. The article got me thinking and i checked with quite a few of my contacts and port and on the internet, but i could not find any information relating to ship/shore gantry’s or rtg’s or straddle carriers being able to “weigh” the container when it enters a port or terminal before it is offloaded at the yard.. As far as i have understood, these cranes do not have that facility although they have the facility to cut-off if the weight of the container exceeds their SWL (Safe Working Load)..

In the developed and growing economies most ports have these three types of cranes to load and off load boxes at the terminals.. If these cranes are fitted with weighing devices, the operator or the ground staff can compare the weight of the box as weighed by the crane, against the container list provided by the customer/line/transporter when the box comes in for off-loading.. If these weights are massively different, then they could stack it separately or make a notation of the actual weight so that the vessel planners have that information.. This would surely save time if not also cost as compared to traditional weigh bridge methods of weighing..

I am not sure if there are any practical circumstances preventing the crane manufacturers to put such a system in the cranes..

Any one have any thoughts on this..??


  1. Agreed, just cannot believe that in this day and age, such numerous disasters at sea; a crane manufacturer, Terminal Operator or country state organ (e.g,customs, Dept. of Transport) have not seriously started implementing measure to curb the incorrect weights declared.

  2. Certainly a good idea. Most of the time weight declrations made by the shippers are wrong which can cause potential danger ship/cargo/Life . If the Gantry or RTG can weigh the units before loading can help to get a better control.

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