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Webinar on Delivering for the future: Opportunities and opinions on last-mile optimization

WebinarWith increased globalization and the proliferation of e-commerce, how do businesses diversify and fulfill multiple orders faster?

How do companies gauge evolving customer expectations and deliver improved levels of service?

How does digitalization help alleviate visibility issues in the last mile?

While the segment continues to witness several levels of disruption, this could just be the beginning.

Research from McKinsey shows that venture capital funding for start-ups in the logistics industry has amounted to nearly $28bn since 2015, exponentially growing every year. A significant part of this investment went into last-mile delivery initiatives.

Logistics managers constantly deal with inefficiencies in the last-mile approach – either in terms of speed or in terms of cost.

These delivery costs at the final phase are substantial, comprising 53% of the overall transport cost. Delivery anomalies at this stage could impact customer satisfaction and profitability.

With the last-mile typically seeing deliveries of low-drop sizes spread across multiple endpoints, last-mile optimization can help significantly improve their bottom line.

Today, last-mile delivery concerns delay business expansion. How do businesses stay ahead of the curve and rise above the challenges that the last mile throws at them?

The COVID-19 induced e-commerce spike has meant more volumes move directly to the consumers’ doorstep than to storefronts – propping up the last mile.

The World Economic Forum finds a 25% rise in consumer e-commerce deliveries since the lockdowns, with at least 20% of the increased demand expected to last well beyond the pandemic.

Webinar on Delivering for the future : opportunities and opinions on last-mile optimisation

Join Cathy Morrow Roberson, Supply Chain Writer & Researcher, as she sits down with eminent panelists from the supply chain industry on the 19th of August 2021 at 10:00 hrs EST in a Webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the last mile brings.

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We invite you to send any questions you may like to see discussed during the webinar, to priyanka@pesti.io.

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