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Voucher of Correction

A voucher of correction (abbreviated as VOC) is a document that is used in South African shipping to amend any details or particulars that need to be changed in the Bill of Entry (SAD500) that has already been filed for a particular shipment with customs..

This should be filed by the accredited customs clearance agent as soon as any changes in the SAD500 become evident or if a specific container planned for a specific vessel did not make that vessel and has to be loaded on another vessel.. Generally if there are any amendments, the shipping lines do not allow release of bill of lading of the import cargo unless this VOC has been processed and finalised and copies produced of such amendments..


  1. what is the current procedure with customs to pass a VOC emending customs office ?

    I have had that a dual entry is the only way to do this, which has financial implication as customs will be paid twice for one shipment and then after you start a refund application which takes too long to have the money back.

    Can you comment on this ?

  2. On the VOC please advise what needs to be filled in – I did a SAD500 only to find out after the entry was done that the tonnage / containers have to decrease. How would I go about this – vessel sails in 2 days time and I need to have the VOC in place.

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