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US Agri exports to benefit financially from USDA initiative

“ocean carriers are refusing to take American exports back to Asia, leaving with empty containers instead. That’s costing farmers and ranchers—and our economy—a lot of money.

This bill will make progress reducing costs for families and ensuring fair treatment for American businesses—including farmers and ranchers.”

This was the statement from US President Joe Biden prior to the signing of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act 2022 into law.

In line with this, Federal Maritime Commissioner Max M. Vekich has released a statement regarding an initiative by the USDA to promote US agri exports especially out of the US West Coast ports of Seattle, Tacoma, or Oakland.

In the statement, Commissioner Vekich commends Secretary Tom Vilsack for the recently announced U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative that will assist American-grown agricultural products to reach global markets.

Under the program, US agri export industry and exporters will receive $200 per container for farm goods exported out of the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, or Oakland. Exporters using refrigerated containers will receive $400, and export shippers using Oakland can receive an extra $125 for each pickup of an empty container.

USDA’s initiative is an innovative approach that is not only good for American farmers and exporters, but also for the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, and Oakland.  It demonstrates the innovative leadership required to assist the supply chain in these challenging times.  We must continue to do all that we can to ensure that American-made products remain competitive and are able to reach global markets.  I applaud the Administration’s commitment to prioritizing U.S. exports and to ensuring the supply chain is prepared to meet the needs of U.S. exporters,” said Commissioner Vekich.

As the only Commissioner from the West Coast, Commissioner Vekich has reiterated his commitment in ensuring that ports on the US West Coast receive the assistance needed to meet the needs of the importers and exporters and those working the docks every day to keep the cargo moving.


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