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Types of Cargo ships – Part 2

This post is a “visual” extension of my previous post on Types of Cargo Ships.. Means here alongwith the text, you can also see the picture of the vessel.. Click on the images to see the larger version..

Container Vessels – is currently the most common mode of transport used for carrying 20′, 40′ and 45′ containers.. More details on size/type and usage of containers will follow in another article.. These come in various capacities ranging from about 85 teus (twenty equivalent units) to 15,000+ teus.. The biggest currently being the Emma Maersk.. See also my topic on the vsl..

Container Vessel

Bulk Vessels – Used for the carriage of bulk commodities like wheat, sulphur, iron ore, coal etc etc..

Bulk Vessel

Breakbulk Vessels – Used for the carriage of various kinds of cargoes – bagged cargo (cement, sugar etc), palletised cargo (paint, chemicals etc), timber etc etc

Break-bulk vessel

Ro-Ro Vessels – Used for the carriage of wheeled cargo like cars, buses, trucks, exacavators etc etc.. Where the option is available, these vsls can also carry some project cargoes as long as these are loaded on mafi trailers or any other wheeled modes.. Further classified as PCC (Pure Car Carriers) & PCTC (Pure Car & Truck Carriers) the purpose of which are obvious from the names..

Ro-Ro vessel

Multi-purpose Vessels – Used for the carriage of a combination of above cargoes.. Very versatile, popular and useful vessels specially along certain routes which require self-geared vessels and do not have shore handling facilities..

Multi-purpose vessel

Tanker Vessels – Used for the carriage of various liquid cargoes like oil, chemicals etc..

Tanker Vessel

Crude Carriers – Used for the carriage of (you guessed it) crude oil – further classified as  VLCC (Very large Crude Carriers) and ULCC (Ultra large Crude Carriers)

VLCC Crude Carrier
ULCC Crude Carrier - Knock Nevis - largest ever super tanker built

LNG Carriers – Used for the carriage of Liquified Natural Gas..

LNG Carrier

Reefer Vessel – Used for the carriage of frozen cargoes or temperature controlled cargoes like fruits, meat, fish etc..

Reefer Vessel


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