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Traxens upgrades container tracker to meet new explosion safety requirements on ships

With the shift to green methanol-powered vessels and the increasing safety requirements by the International Maritime Organization, various shipping products are now being subjected to new explosion safety requirements as the shipping industry moves towards clean energy such as methanol-based fuel.

In line with these requirements, Traxens, the world’s first smart-container service provider for the global supply chain industry, has unveiled its new 3rd edition of the Traxens-Box 3, its permanent container tracker and flagship product for shipping lines, freight forwarders, and BCOs.

The Traxens-Box 3 IoT device has been completely redesigned to meet the highest level of ATEX certification on the market for explosion safety onboard ships.

ATEX certification is given to equipment that has gone through rigorous testing outlined by European Union directives. Products that are ATEX compliant have been certified and proven safe to use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres.

The European Union has mandated that ATEX compliance is necessary wherever a potentially explosive atmosphere exists in order to keep workers safe. Products that have received ATEX certification will have the official “Ex” badge, indicating they are safe in explosive atmospheres.

As an innovative technological company, Traxens feels it’s important to start as early as possible to adapt to our customers’ future sustainable supply chains.“ – Cedric Rosemont, CEO of Traxens

As per Traxens, the battery life of the Traxens-3 reaches 7 years – an increase of 50% compared to the previous model. As a permanent container installation, this feature is critical to maximizing the device’s return on investment during a major part of the life of a container.

While focusing on risk management and cargo safety, Traxens continues to reinforce its main features for greater reliability. Traxens’ door opening detection, whose algorithms are constantly being improved, has already demonstrated its value in numerous cases, such as when consumer electronic goods have been stolen and when authorities have intervened timely after being alerted.

Several thousands of Traxens-Box 3 devices have already been pre-ordered by Traxens’ main customers who will start to deploy them in the following months.

The world’s top shipping lines, which are also Traxens’ shareholders, are already using the two previous versions of the device to convert their assets into smart containers, constantly communicating their location and additional status information.

Customers interested in viewing the capabilities of this device can do so at TPM23 in Long Beach, California between 28th Feb and 1st March where Cedric Rosemont will be presenting this new device.

Cedric will also be a part of a panel discussion Data Quality: Who Holds the Key to Greater Visibility on Tuesday, 28th Feb at 16:45 with Eric Johnson, Jim Blaeser, Morten Ørskou Bols and Ittay Hayut where new technologies for supply chain visibility will be discussed.

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