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Cargo tracking simplified – Traxens IoT Trackers – Product Review

Data-centric technologies have been hailed as the panacea for numerous challenges prevalent in today’s global commerce.. However, many industries and commercial sectors appear to be wrestling with the vast opportunities provided by these data-driven technologies..

According to Deloitte’s Internet of Things (IoT) practice, which assists organizations in recognizing potential value areas for IoT and devising strategies to leverage that value, the transport and logistics industry is significantly ahead of others in terms of IoT technology adoption..

This is a Product Review of Traxens one of the leading providers of IoT tracking devices which helps streamline global shipping operations..

IoT devices, which include trackers, are placed in containers or boxes to gather, record, and transmit a diverse set of data, including geolocation and real-time transport conditions of the cargo..

These trackers find extensive use by carriers, logistics service providers, truckers, and warehouses in varied contexts, ranging from maritime and air freight to warehousing and parcel delivery.. Their applications include real-time shipment tracking, warehouse capacity optimization, predictive asset maintenance, route enhancement, and refining last-mile delivery, among others..

The indispensable role of IoT tracking devices in the container shipping sector is hard to overstate.. These devices not only enhance efficiency but also bolster the safety and security of goods, leading to superior customer service and more predictable operations for shipping companies..

Traxens provides 2 products Traxens-Box, Traxens-Box Easy connected to a Control Tower offering solutions to collect, qualify and enrich data according to customer needs for real-time cargo visibility, security, and integrity..

The Traxens-Box, specifically designed for ocean shipping containers, is a permanent IoT tracking device model.. It is attached to the container door and is built to last over seven years without the need for a recharge..

Currently, this tracker is used in many containers employed by major global shipping lines such as MSC, Maersk, and CMA CGM, the world’s top three container shipping lines that own shares in Traxens..

While the partnership with the three leading container shipping lines is undeniably a significant advantage for Traxens, Traxens-Box offers several distinctive features and solutions, including:

Accurate Geolocation: This function facilitates precise tracking of a container’s location, enabling real-time global visibility of containers.. As the National Cargo Security Council previously estimated, cargo loss exceeds $50 billion annually on a global scale, and geolocation tracking can mitigate such losses by providing real-time cargo location data..

This function not only reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for businesses employing sensors and trackers but also allows companies to effectively track vehicles and containers, manage fleet operations, and access actionable real-time information..

ATEX Certification: Traxens-Box, in its third iteration, has been completely redesigned to meet the highest ATEX certification level for explosion safety onboard ships.. This certification ensures the device’s safe operation in potentially explosive environments, crucial for certain types of cargo.. Products that have received ATEX certification bear the official “Ex” badge, denoting their safety in explosive atmospheres..

Door Opening Detection & NFC Activation: These features bolster security by detecting unauthorized access and facilitating secure device activation.. Door opening detection is a key Traxens-Box feature, alerting users to any suspicious door openings during transit.. This functionality is particularly beneficial for securing perishable goods that require maintained temperatures, which could be disrupted due to prolonged door openings..

Temperature Monitoring: Real-time temperature tracking ensures the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods.. With Traxens-Box’s temperature monitoring, customers receive instant alerts about critical or non-critical temperature variances, helping ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, especially for sensitive or hazardous materials..

IoT Device temperature monitoring - shipping and freight resource


Characteristics: Customers using the Traxens-Box tracking device through their asset provider receive a pre-equipped Smart Container, enabling a seamless transition to IoT-enabled shipping, enhancing security, and logistical efficiency..

The durability, long battery life, and rugged design of the Traxens-Box make it cost-effective in the long term, capable of withstanding the shipping rigors under various environmental conditions and reducing the need for frequent replacements.. Furthermore, despite its extensive capabilities, Traxens-Box boasts low power consumption and a battery life of more than seven years..

The Traxens Box is designed to endure the rigors of global shipping.. Its compact dimensions (370 x 101 x 58mm) and weight (1700g) have a negligible impact on container space or weight.. It is also waterproof and shock-resistant, capable of withstanding 0 to 100% humidity, and operates efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C..

Traxens also presents the Traxens-Box Easy, a detachable IoT tracking device, engineered to accommodate various shipment types across diverse transportation modes.. This versatility positions it as an invaluable asset for freight forwarders like Kuehne & Nagel, Yusen Logistics, DB Schenker, and Bollore utilize this device, which can be affixed in seconds to the container door and detached just as easily for reuse as required allowing them to manage assorted shipments..

Traxens-Box Easy offers all features of the Traxens-Box, with added functionalities such as:

Self-Activation: The device self-activates, significantly reducing setup time and effort.. These devices are fastened to the container door closing, meaning the main component of the device is located within the container, contrary to the Traxens-Box model which is positioned outside..

The device communicates with internal sensors and transmits the information via embedded intelligent algorithms that accurately detect door openings, shocks, and abnormal tracker removal..

Loading Detection: This function allows Traxens-Box Easy to detect and alert any momentary changes in pressure and movement, detecting container lift-up while loading or unloading at terminals.. Despite being located within the container, the device’s shape and external antenna ensure efficient signal reception and transmission, enabling consistent tracking and data collection throughout the journey..

IoT Device - loading detection - shipping and freight resource


The battery life on these detachable devices lasts up to 10 shipments of 5 weeks each, offering over 2 years of usage, depending on the shipping frequency..

Optimized Reverse Logistics: The Traxens-Box Easy is engineered for single or intermittent shipping needs.. Upon shipment completion, customers can opt to reuse the device for other shipments or return it to Traxens as part of their optimized Reverse Logistics program.. Its compact size and lightweight design simplify the removal, return, and reuse process..

As for physical characteristics, the Traxens-Box Easy is compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 135 x 85..5 x 69..5mm, and a weight of merely 250g.. Despite its small size, it is robust, waterproof, and shock resistant.. Its battery life can sustain up to 10 shipments (equating to 2 to 5 years of use), and it operates effectively in a wide humidity (0 to 100%) and temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)..

Applicable Modes of Transport

Both models of the tracker can be used across various modes of transportation, including ship, truck, and rail..

While having digital cargo tracking capabilities including the use of IoT tracking devices is a good thing, it provides no benefit without a solid data analytics tool.. Traxens fulfills this need with its product offerings that include a robust control tower, enabling customers to streamline their operations by monitoring their shipments accurately..

IoT Device Control Tower - Shipping and Freight Resource

The control tower serves as the operational hub, permitting users to track and monitor all their shipments from one place through visually engaging data and comprehensive displays like timelines, maps, and graphs.. Information like shipment waiting time, transit duration, and port-of-interest dwell time can be tracked effectively..

Real-Time Alerts & Other Features: The connected Control Tower enables delivery of near real-time communication, providing crucial updates on your container’s status anywhere in the world.. Besides temperature and geolocation, the software also sends near real-time alerts in case the device attached to the container is unfastened, or if the container experiences lateral and vertical shocks during cargo operations or movement..

I mention near real-time alerts because the data is sent on a regular basis and not constantly in order to preserve battery.. But this is a setting that can be defined by the client, for temperature levels and geolocation..  Whenever a specific event happens (door opening detected), the device communicates it straight away..

Perhaps the most flexible feature of the control tower is its global operational view, leveraging potent statistics, timelines, graphs, and insights, enabling users to make informed business decisions..

Two additional features further enhance the attractiveness of Traxens’ offering:

  1. The system’s ability to communicate with remote sensors inside the container allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the shipment.. This data can be harnessed to refine client processes and identify recurring issues, risk areas, and factors causing delays..
  2. Traxens’ pricing model is transparent and reasonable, considering the significant benefits customers can attain.. The cost structure includes a monthly fee and cost per tracker.. Instead of seeing it as an additional expense, Traxens’ service should be viewed as an investment in operational efficiency.. While the initial cost might seem significant, the long-term return on investment in terms of improved efficiency far outweighs these upfront expenses..

According to an analysis by Drewry, the worldwide smart container equipment fleet is projected to increase eightfold within the next half-decade.. By 2026, these smart containers are expected to make up a quarter of global box inventories..

Drewry’s forecasts indicate that there will be a significant upsurge in the number of smart containers in the global fleet over the five years leading up to 2026.. It is estimated that there will be over 8..7 million units, which could constitute approximately 25% of all box inventories across the globe..

These volumes bring into sharp focus the crucial role that IoT tracking devices play in modernizing container shipping, bringing it into the digital age.. They provide transparency, increase efficiency, and reduce risks, resulting in significant benefits for both companies and customers.. With the continued growth of global trade, the use of these devices is only set to increase..


Numerous companies offering logistics services, which include packaging, transportation, and storage of goods, have observed businesses requiring transportation of goods progressively integrating these advanced technologies into their respective supply chains..

Traxens’ IoT trackers offer customers real-time data and actionable insights which directly contribute to minimizing losses due to cargo damage, theft, or inefficiency..

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