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Transparency, efficiency, visibility key for effective supplier collaboration – Kerim Kfuri

Transparency is no longer just a buzzword in global logistics anymore and is considered by many to be the keystone of trust and efficiency..

The demand for visibility and reliability is at an all-time high, as businesses seek to navigate the murky waters of international regulations, risk mitigation, and technological integration..

Achieving this requires a sophisticated blend of human insight, innovative tech solutions, and a delicate balance to ensure that the human element remains at the forefront, working in tandem with advanced systems to streamline processes and uphold core values..

Shipping and Freight Resource caught up with Kerim Kfuri, President @ The Atlas Network as part of the Executive Insights series to discuss how companies today face the Herculean task of managing a complex network of suppliers, logistics, technological innovations, and compliance across borders..

Executive Insights - Kerim Kfuri - The Atlas Network

Key executive insights from Kerim Kfuri

The Atlas Network is a global supply chain resource providing small to medium-sized businesses, and even larger ones, with a dependable and reliable end-to-end global supply chain solution through innovative technology..

  1. Atlas Network’s Genesis – Founded with nearly two decades of regulatory experience, Atlas Network was started to address the lack of transparency and the prevalence of fraud in global supply chains..
  2. Technology Integration – Atlas Network has developed its own technology platforms, like Atlas Connect, to provide customers with transparency and efficient outcomes in supply chain management..
  3. Core Values – Atlas Network prioritizes values over innovations, ensuring that any technological advancements are used to enhance transparency, visibility, and reliability for their clients..
  4. Human-Tech Synergy – Despite technological advancements, the company maintains a balance between tech solutions and human oversight, preserving the importance of human judgment in supply chain processes..
  5. Supplier Selection – A rigorous supplier selection process should include both quantitative and qualitative assessments to ensure the integrity and reliability of your supply chain..
  6. Market Adaptability – Companies must be agile and responsive to market needs, as it will allow them to service various industries effectively, especially those experiencing supply chain disruptions..
  7. Focus on Packaging – A significant portion of Atlas Network’s business is dedicated to the packaging sector, particularly for fragile materials like glass, indicating specialization in handling complex supply chain challenges..
  8. Sustainability Initiatives – There are several green initiatives promoted through suppliers and innovations in product materials that contribute to the global sustainability effort..
  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Atlas Network is exploring AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to further enhance supply chain management and outcomes for their clients..
  10. Alibaba Partnership – As the first US-based verified supplier of Alibaba, Atlas Network is at the forefront of emerging supply chain trends, leveraging this strategic partnership to benefit their clients..

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