There are currently around 99,800 ships of 100 gross tons and above, equivalent to 2,134,639,907 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage) circumnavigating the globe carrying cargoes of every conceivable size, type, and capacity facilitating global trade of around...
  Maritime Transportation has been and still remains the backbone of global trade since the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and Europeans all started sailing and improvising the sailing methods from sailboats, dhows, long boats, dragon...

The American trade imbalance and port congestion

As per stats released by the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the American trade deficit on goods and services...

Role of women in shipping and avoiding disparities – Executive Insights – Jillian Carson-Jackson

Executive Insights is a series by Shipping and Freight Resource that provides insights and thoughtful analysis about the industry.. This series features selected individuals from the...

IMO and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sign new partnerships

IMO has signed three partnership agreements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the preparation of a new global project that targets ship-based emissions. Further funding goes to existing projects focused on biofouling and marine plastic litter.

The agreements, signed by IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim and His Excellency Mr. Saleh bin Nasser al-Jasser, Minister of Transport and Logistic Services, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (28 September), will see US$509,000 going to the three environmental initiatives.

New association in West and Central Africa for Women in Maritime

Women in maritime took centre stage at the inauguration of the Women in Maritime of West and Central Africa (WIMOWCA), the newest IMO-supported regional association for women in the maritime sector (WIMA).

Day of the Seafarer 2021 explores fair future

The Day of the Seafarer, held on 25 June every year, draws global attention to the contribution that seafarers make to world trade.

As the world slowly moves through the pandemic, it is more important than ever not only to acknowledge the efforts that seafarers have made to keeping the supply chain open despite extremely challenging conditions, but also to ensure that the future being built is one that is fair to them.

This is why IMO's 2021 Day of the Seafarer campaign has chosen the theme of "A Fair Future for Seafarers".

Fake newsmakers target Egypt’s first female captain after Ever Given’s grounding in Suez Canal

After having celebrated 8th March 2021 as International Women's Day (although every day should be), I found it appropriate that I pay tribute to...

India makes history with all women officers ship crew

As per IMO statistics, women represent only 2% percent of the world's 1.2 million seafarers out of which 94% of female seafarers are working...

Standing up for stranded seafarers on UN Human Rights Day

UN Human Rights Day puts the global spotlight on the importance of human rights in the post-COVID recovery.

IMO is highlighting the plight of the hundreds of thousands of seafarers who are still stranded at sea and has issued a strong call for their fundamental rights to be respected.

It is estimated that 400,000 seafarers are currently stranded on ships beyond the end of their original contracts and unable to be repatriated, due to COVID-related travel restrictions.

More calls for Governments to recognize seafarers as keyworkers amidst humanitarian crisis

Yet another appeal has been sent to Governments to recognize seafarers as keyworkers and address the humanitarian crisis faced by the shipping sector, ensure maritime safety and facilitate economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic..

The changing landscape of shipping in global trade – The India Perspective

Global trade is the backbone of any country’s economy. In this article, Kuljit Anand, a highly experienced and versatile Shipping & Supply Chain Professional based in Mumbai, discusses the changing landscape of shipping in global trade from an Indian perspective.

UN Agencies issue plea to Governments for facilitation of crew changes

"The restrictions for crew change due to COVID-19 is unsustainable for the safety and wellbeing of over 150,000 seafarers who will require international flights to be changed over to and from the ships they work on from the middle of June 2020. These seafarers are having to extend their service onboard ships after many months at sea, unable to be replaced or repatriated after long tours of duty." This is the message from The Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) who issued a joint statement to enlist the support of Governments for the facilitation of crew changes in ports and airports in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Insights with the Supply Chain Queen – Sheri Hinish

Executive Insights is a series by Shipping and Freight Resource that provides ongoing insights and thoughtful analysis enriching the knowledge of the readers with what is happening in the shipping, freight, maritime, logistics and supply chain industry..

Executive Insights is also a chance to pick the brains of industry veterans, leaders and enablers..

In this edition of Executive Insights, we caught up with Sheri Hinish - self proclaimed Supply Chain nerd, Executive Advisor and Thought Leader, IBM Futurist, Influencer in Supply Chain, Sustainability, Innovation, and Leadership and of course SupplyChainQueen®..

Executive Insights with Saskia Groen In’t Woud – CEO of Damco

Executive Insights is a series by Shipping and Freight Resource that provides ongoing insights and thoughtful analysis enriching the knowledge of the readers with what is happening in the shipping, freight, maritime, logistics and supply chain industry.. Executive Insights is also a chance to pick the brains of industry veterans, leaders and enablers.. In this edition of Executive Insights, we caught up with Saskia Groen In't Woud - CEO of Damco, one of the leading global freight forwarders in the world..

Susan Oatway – First female Chairman of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Education is an important requirement in any field in order for anyone to learn about that field and put that learning to work.. Such education and learning may or may not be formal depending on various circumstances..

Education and learning in the Shipping, Freight and Logistics industry is no different to any other industry and in my opinion, there are not many options for formal education in our industry compared to other industries..

There is, however, one professional body that has been working hard not just to fill this gap but also to set the highest standards of professional service to the shipping industry worldwide through education, example and discipline and that body is the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers..

The Institute has now appointed Susan Oatway (FICS) as its first female Chairman.. I caught up with Susan and this is what she had to say..

Empowering Women in the Maritime Community – Tabitha Logan – #IamonBoard

Empowering Women in the Maritime Community is the theme for The World Maritime Day 2019 and also associated with #IamonBoard..

The fact that we need to be reminded about Women empowerment says a lot about how little has been done in this regard in the past and how much more remains to be done..!!

This theme provides us with yet another opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and to highlight the important, yet under-utilized contribution of women within the maritime sector..

Inspired by this theme, Shipping and Freight Resource will be featuring selected Women in the Maritime Community (whether on board or on shore) making a difference in their own and unique way.. 

I start this series with Tabitha Logan, Senior Manager - Chartering & Projects at Asia Maritime Pacific..

BIMCO elects its first female President

The Baltic and White Sea Conference was originally founded in Copenhagen in 1905 and is the world’s largest international global shipping association with more than 2,100 members including shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents..

The aim of BIMCO, as it is commonly known today, is to produce flexible commercial agreements and standard maritime contracts with clarity, consistency and certainty.. These include modern contracts tailored to specific trades and activities.. These contracts allow members to manage contractual risk..

BIMCO also works closely with many other influential organisations across the different parts of the maritime industry – from owners to operators, ports to ship builders, brokers to equipment manufacturers, and insurers to classification societies.. Such capability is crucial in developing the right environmental solutions for the shipping industry..

It is run by a board of directors and for the first time in 114 years, the President of BIMCO of the board will be a female - Ms.Şadan Kaptanoğlu..

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day 2019, and on this day, I would like to wish all my women readers power, strength and courage to handle all the ideals you believe in and thank you for making the world a better place..

Of course, it is not enough that we nominate one day in a year to celebrate what women have achieved and forget about it for the rest of the year..

So, join me in making a pledge for a #BalanceforBetter and create a better gender balance in the industry and work towards achieving it..

A day in the life of a Woman in Shipping #InternationalWomensDay

On the occasion of #InternationalWomensDay on the 8th of March 2017, I asked one of the ladies in the Shipping and Freight industry to offer her perspective on a typical day in the life of a woman in shipping.. Here it is.. 🙂

An all women South African ship crew makes history

Proving they are equal to men, an all woman crew recently completed a full voyage with an all women crew in South Africa.. Read more about this achievement..

Women in Shipping – A Tribute

August being International Womens month, i thought it appropriate that i pay tribute to all the women in the Shipping industry in South Africa...

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