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Vessel Operation

Difference between Vessel agent and Carrier agent

Article explaining the difference between Vessel Agent and Carrier Agent.. Are they NOT the same ?? you ask.. In a few cases it could be the same, but there is also a difference between a Vessel agent and Carrier agent.. Let me explain..

SOLAS VGM – South Africa Version

An infographic about SOLAS VGM - South Africa Version.. How this will work in South Africa..

What is the maximum overheight allowed when loading 40′ open top or flat rack..??

One of the readers of this blog Youri asked the question “What is the maximum overheight allowed when loading 40′ open top or flat rack..??“.. What do you think..??

What is SOLAS VGM – Verified Gross Mass..??

In November 2014 the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) amended SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea convention) Chapter VI Regulation 2 to tighten up the process of weighing containerised cargoes and declaring the correct weights after verification.. What is this SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea convention) Chapter VI Regulation 2 and what does this amendment mean to the day to day shipping industry..?? This article gives you an infographic which will clear it all.. 🙂

Weigh containers easily and avoid misdeclaration

As you are aware and as has been featured several times on this website, misdeclaration of container weight has been a big problem for ship owners and operators and is reported to have caused several accidents.. Now, a tech company in New Zealand claims to have found a unique solution for shippers to weigh the containers in a quick, easy and cost effective manner..

Container stowage in centralised hubs

Container ships are nowadays stowed in centralized hubs, why are they stowed centralized and where can one find the biggest planning, operations and stowage planning centers across the world? Is Singapore ultimate number one?

Difference between transhipment and cargo in transit

You might have heard the terminology Transhipment and also Cargo in Transit.. It might be confusing to newcomers to the industry.. There is a big difference between the two and this article discusses these differences and explain how these two work..

Difference between Demurrage, Detention and Despatch

Demurrage, Detention and Despatch are terms that are used around the world in day to day shipping.. However sometimes people get confused about what to use which term where, especially Demurrage as it relates to container and bulk trades.. This article endeavours to clear this confusion by discussing the difference between Demurrage, Detention and Despatch and the meaning of each of these terms..

Seaworthiness of Containers

Sharing another useful article from NAU Pte Ltd ("NAU"), a claims correspondent/consultancy firm based at Singapore dealing with Transport Liability, P&I and H&M Claims, about Seaworthiness of Containers.. Hope this article will give you an insight into the importance of maintaining the seaworthiness of containers..

Who verifies the cargo weight in a container and where..??

Misdeclaration of cargo weight in a container has been a pain in the neck for many shipping lines, ship operators and several discussions, meetings have taken place on how to control this serious issue.. This article poses the question about who verifies the cargo weight in a container and where..??

Direction of containers when loaded on a ship..

Are containers loaded so that the doors all face the same direction (i.e. fore or aft) or is it random? This is a very interesting question from a reader Collin.. Read the article to find out more..

Identifying a stow position

Some of the people in the industry can identify where a container has been stowed on board of a ship just by reading the stow position (also known as cell position) and also whether it is a 20’ or a 40’ container that is stowed there.. How they do this..?? Mainly based on experience in handling stowage plans, but there is a formula to it.. I will explain below..

Types of Cargo Ships

When it comes to seafreight cargo, there are a variety of cargo ships and modes of shipping based on the cargoes available.. Container Vessels -...

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