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A new legally binding international instrument on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction – known as 'BBNJ' has been agreed on the 4th of March at the end...
Almost a year ago, trade and freight industry heavyweights ICC, DCSA, BIMCO, FIATA and SWIFT launched the Future International Trade Alliance (FIT) and signed a memorandum of understanding to standardize the digitalization of international trade. The industry...

6 ways in which shipping industry is trying to achieve environmental sustainability

“SUSTAINABILITY IS NO LONGER ABOUT DOING LESS HARM. IT’S ABOUT DOING MORE GOOD.” We as humans have been abusing our planet in various ways both...

Importance of sustainable packaging and shipping

Global trade keeps us connected with customers, consumers and industries around the world.. There are several modes of transport used in global trade - sea, air, land and rail..

Whichever mode of transport you use, even the most meticulously planned shipment can go awry either due to natural disasters or man-made errors..

Cargo damage is one such disaster that not only gives rise to product and financial losses, but could also affect the relationship between customers and their service providers..

Physical and wet damage could be caused due to lack of proper packaging to protect the cargo on its long voyage..

With current modern developments in sustainable packaging and shipping solutions, businesses have no excuse not to take the movement into consideration.

Making an effort to reduce your environmental impact will not only pay off in cost but will impress your consumers in our now rightly eco-centric society.

Technology has led to the creation of numerous types of sustainable packaging materials, to allow businesses from any industry to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Here are some of the pressing reasons to incorporate sustainable packaging and shipping into your supply chain.

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