Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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To the casual onlooker, signing a bill of lading may be a routine, day to day mundane job done by many people across the world.. But the fact is that there are several technicalities to be considered before signing a bill of lading..

It is important to understand that the person signing the bill of lading acknowledges the details recorded on the bill of lading.. Any bill of lading signed with the knowledge of misrepresented facts may be considered to be a fraudulent document and may result in legal consequences for the signatory..

If you are a bill of lading signatory, here are 8 points that you need to consider before signing a bill of lading.. It may be a bit of a long read, but worth it.. ­čÖé
My Original bill of lading (OBL) is lost...........!!!!!! A chilling sentence that creates panic in the hearts of many of the people involved in a global trade transaction involving an Original Bill of Lading.. While shipping and transport...

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