Pre-Carriage, Carriage and On-Carriage explained

This article explains and clarifies the difference between Pre-Carriage, Carriage and On-Carriage and how these come together to provide the full spectrum of services to the customer.. Go to full … Read more here..

What is GRI (General Rate Increase) in shipping and what is its implication..??

What is General Rate Increase

General Rate Increase (GRI) – a term liked by the shipping lines and loathed by the trading community.. This article explains what GRI means to people on either side of … Read more here..

What is a Blank sailing..??

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Trans-Pacific carriers accelerate blank sailings More blank sailings spell volatility for trans-Pacific AE2-blank-sailing-announcement-Europe-Services – Maersk Falling US imports spell more trans-Pacific blankings Soft demand and falling rates push 2M to … Read more here..

What are “lost slots”..??

image of container ship

As container shipping has evolved over the years, so have the methods of carrying cargo and types of cargo being carried.. Open Tops and Flat Racks are two of the … Read more here..