Difference between a ship and a vessel

That big floating thing that carries our cargo from point A to B is referred to as either a SHIP or a VESSEL..

Is there a difference between a ship and a vessel..??

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who is a co-loader on a liner service..??

At times, those of you involved in container shipping might have come across the terminology co-loader.. You might have come across this mostly only when there is a problem taking … Read more here..

Who should bear bill of lading fees under FOB : Shipper or Consignee??

This question is one that has been raging in the Freight & Logistics Professionals Group in the business networking portal LinkedIn for some time now.. There have been many comments to … Read more here..

What is a High Seas Sale..??

Here is an interesting topic from Asha’s Maritime News.. High Sea sales (HSS) is a sale carried out by the actual consignee (ie, the consignee shown in the Bill of … Read more here..

Advance Manifest Information for shipments to EU

This is a guest post by Mike Poverello.. It is quite apparent that the mandatory requirement for advance manifest information is gaining momentum. Until now, RSA exporters/carriers have only really had … Read more here..

An all women South African ship crew makes history

Proving they are equal to men, an all woman crew recently completed a full voyage with an all women crew in South Africa.. Read more about this achievement..

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Voucher of Correction

A voucher of correction (abbreviated as VOC) is a document that is used in South African shipping to amend any details or particulars that need to be changed in the … Read more here..

What is Cargo Dues and why is it charged..??

This was one of the questions i was asked by one of the readers of my blog.. I have covered this briefly in my previous article  https://www.shippingandfreightresource.com/2008/10/13/article-2-the-documents/, but elaborating on … Read more here..

Combined demurrage and detention

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What is combined demurrage and detention..??

This is a question from one of the readers of this blog.. Lets see what it means..

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This blog will now tweet as well

In keeping with the modern methods of keeping in touch and based on requests from readers this blog is now linked to Twitter (Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that … Read more here..

Container Stow position numbering

In response to my previous post https://www.shippingandfreightresource.com/2009/03/31/identifying-a-stow-position/ a VERY INTERESTING question has been raised by a user Sandeep.. His question being : Quote information provided is very good. However could … Read more here..

Maritime Terms

Very often you hear different maritime/shipping terms being bandied about during the course of many conversations and communications.. Terry Hutson, through his Ports & Ships website one of the respected … Read more here..