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Annual Review

2021 – The Year of the Carrier and Supply Disruptions.. Shipping and Freight Resource – Annual Review 2021

This is the Annual Review of the shipping and freight industry in 2021 by Shipping and Freight Resource.. This is an in depth look into what transpired in our industry in 2021 in terms of the maritime and global trade, shipping and freight practices, Global Shipping Alliances, Carriers and their profits and mostly about the disruptions surrounding supply chain.. Welcome to The View from the Top..

Shipping and Freight Review 2020 – the year that was and wasn’t

Here is my review of the shipping and freight industry for the year 2020 where I unpack various aspects of how global trade and maritime trade fared, how the shipping industry and carriers fared and what were the stand out points for the year..

I also take a look into the concerns for the industry as we go into 2021..

Shipping and Freight Review 2019 – the year and the decade

The last year of the decade is fast fading into the horizon.. 2019 is almost done..

2019 and the decade has been one of continued trade wars, maritime disasters, size race, and containers, ships and bills of lading getting smart and many interesting aspects..

Here is my take on how the shipping and freight industry fared in 2019 and the decade..

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