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The activities involved in the world of maritime ship and cargo operations are as vast as the oceans that these ships traverse involving various stakeholders such as ship owners, ship operators, ship managers, charterers, port agents,...
The movement of goods across the vast oceans, seas, lakes, and inland waterways and connecting them to inland locations using trains and trucks is probably one of the most intricate of all processes in global trade.. Intricate,...

Cargo tracking simplified – Traxens IoT Trackers – Product Review

Data-centric technologies have been hailed as the panacea for numerous challenges prevalent in today's global commerce.. However, many industries and commercial sectors appear to...

Fluent Cargo – Route planning for international shipments – Product Review

Reflecting on the beginning of my shipping career in the late 1980s, I'm astounded by the progress the industry has made compared to the...

Product Review – ODeX Digital Platform for online document exchange and payments

The shipping, freight, and logistics industries are perpetually evolving, often incorporating cutting-edge software solutions designed to optimize various facets of the industry, such as...

Product Review – BoxC, e-commerce logistics management platform

e-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the act of buying and selling goods or services on the internet, including the transfer of funds to the seller...

Transforming supply chains through Data Entry Automation – Product Review – Prompt

Data is the new gold, Data is the new oil, Data is the new currency Many such phrases are being thrown around in the recent...

How to track your cargo anywhere – Product Review – Tive’s real-time IoT data tracker

Theft of cargo in transit remains highest among all types of cargo theft in 2020.. This is one of the trends identified in the...

2021 – The Year of the Carrier and Supply Disruptions.. Shipping and Freight Resource – Annual Review 2021

This is the Annual Review of the shipping and freight industry in 2021 by Shipping and Freight Resource.. This is an in depth look into what transpired in our industry in 2021 in terms of the maritime and global trade, shipping and freight practices, Global Shipping Alliances, Carriers and their profits and mostly about the disruptions surrounding supply chain.. Welcome to The View from the Top..

Product Review: #dltledgers – cross border trade finance platform

COVID-19, the most dreaded pandemic of modern times has not only severely disrupted global trade and the world economy but has also exposed the...

Shipping and Freight Review 2020 – the year that was and wasn’t

Here is my review of the shipping and freight industry for the year 2020 where I unpack various aspects of how global trade and maritime trade fared, how the shipping industry and carriers fared and what were the stand out points for the year..

I also take a look into the concerns for the industry as we go into 2021..

Product Review : Centersource Platform

Timber is one of the most popular and commonly shipped forestry products shipped around the world in various forms, using general-purpose ships, specialised log...

Product Review : Ocean Insights’ ocean freight visibility platform

Visibility is the state of being able to see or be seen.. Global sea trade has been trading blind for centuries.. Once the ship left the...

Product Review : Haven Inc’s TMS for global shippers

Digitalisation has progressed from being a mere buzzword in the shipping and freight industry to something more real and tangible.. The industry is beginning to...

Product Review : CargoX Platform – secure, trusted, instant transfer for trade documents

The world of shipping involves several commercial, documentary, operational and financial processes.. While there have been many developments in the industry, a lot of the...

Shipping and Freight Review 2019 – the year and the decade

The last year of the decade is fast fading into the horizon.. 2019 is almost done..

2019 and the decade has been one of continued trade wars, maritime disasters, size race, and containers, ships and bills of lading getting smart and many interesting aspects..

Here is my take on how the shipping and freight industry fared in 2019 and the decade..

Shipping and Freight in 2018 – a review of the year that was

Well, another year has gone.. 2018 has been consigned to the annals of history..

2019 is here, all shiny, sparkling and new ready to carry the world of global trade, its cargo, its ships, its burdens, its struggles and bear the fruits or consequences of the developments and actions that took place in the industry in 2018..

As with every year, in 2018 as well, our world and our industry went through a lot of changes both good and bad..

From the entry of ONE into the container shipping market to all major lines preparing for the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap, it has been an eventful year for the shipping and freight industry..

Here is my review of 2018 and the year that it was, for the shipping and freight industry..

Product Review : CargoX’s Blockchain based Smart Bill of Lading

CargoX Smart Bill of Lading based on Blockchain – how it works..   Smart Computers, Smart Phones, Smart Cars and now Smart Bill of lading..!!!! Shipping documentation...

2016, a review of the year that was, for shipping and freight

2016, a review of the year that was, for shipping and freight.. What was good, what was bad, what went right and what went wrong and which of my articles you enjoyed the most.. 🙂

Adios 2014

I posed some questions as below when we said goodbye to 2013 back in, well 2013.. Will the P3 become a reality..?? Will the pirates move back East..?? Will the Triple E be overthrown as the worlds largest ship..?? Will we know the exact reasons why the MOL Comfort, a 5 year old ship, broke so quickly and dramatically..??

Shipping and Freight Review 2013 – the year that was, for the industry

My yearly review of the shipping and freight industry for 2013, covering important aspects of what happened in the industry in 2013 and how the industry fared..

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