Question from Ranjit Ajgaonkar

Name: Ranjit Ajgaonkar Email: Ask your question here..: Some 25 years back in the age of telex & radio telegraphy, N.O.R. had an unprecedented importance. It had to be delivered physically to the cargo interest & their written acknowledgement sought. With the advent of internet, emails etc., can we do away with this circus of seeking written acknowledgement physically … Read more here..

What is Transhipment..??

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All across the shipping spectrum a lot of people would have heard the terminology – Transhipment..

This article defines and explains Transhipment and why is it required and how it connects us all globally..

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What to do when the original bill of lading is lost..??

My Original bill of lading is lost………..!!!!!! A chilling sentence that creates panic in the hearts of many of the people involved in any international trade transaction involving an Original Bill of Lading.. Shipping documents do get lost in transit to consignee or the bank or elsewhere.. So is it the end of the world for the shipper or consignee … Read more here..

Answers to Test your shipping knowledge – week 49

1) What is meant by the term DDP..?? (Refer to 2) What is the significance of the term Ex-Works..?? (Refer to 3) Which is the 1st page of a bill of lading (Each bill of lading has two sides (pages) – the 1st page is the page which displays the terms and conditions of the carrier) 4) What … Read more here..

Test your shipping knowledge – week 49 – 2008

Thought that this would be a good way to find out what we know and dont know about shipping – basically the work that we do on a daily basis.. It will be a series of questions on a weekly basis.. Starting with week 49.. See how many points you can get.. Give yourself 2 points for each right answer.. … Read more here..