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Maritime Disasters

“An outstanding Easter Sunday rising” is how William Doyle, Executive Director of the Port Baltimore termed the refloating of the Ever Forward on Easter Sunday the 17th of April 2022.. The Ever Forward, a Hong Kong flagged ship operated by...
On the 16th of January 2021, the Maersk Essen made a splash (literally) when it lost 689 containers overboard on a routine voyage from Xiamen, China to Los Angeles, USA.. The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board (DMAIB)...

Continued vigilance is key to avoiding fires on board ships – TT Club

Regulation and improving fire-fighting techniques have proven inadequate to stem the tide of serious incidents costing lives, significant cargo losses, and ship damage -...

Understanding container weight misdeclaration

Recently, ONE (Ocean Network Express), the 7th largest container shipping line in the world by capacity, implemented a penalty fee in the form of...

World Shipping Council report on containers lost at sea identifies several active safety improvement initiatives

"Although containers lost overboard represent less than one-thousandth of 1% (0.001%) of the roughly 241 million packed and empty containers currently shipped each year,...

Easter Sunday rising as Ever Forward is refloated

"An outstanding Easter Sunday rising" is how William Doyle, Executive Director of the Port Baltimore has termed the refloating of the Ever Forward on...

43 containers removed from Ever Forward as efforts to free the ship continue

As previously reported, the Ever Forward, a Hong Kong flagged ship stuck near Gibson Island in the Chesapeake Bay channel since the 13th of March 2022...

Can you answer these questions on General Average..??

In recent times, maritime disasters seem to have been dime a dozen.. Some disasters like the infamous Ever Given which got stuck diagonally across...

Ever Forward stuck in Chesapeake Bay Channel – Update on salvage operations

As reported previously, the Ever Forward, a Hong Kong flagged ship operated by Evergreen, the 7th largest container shipping line in the world, was on its way...

General Average to apply for customers as Ever Forward refuses to budge

18 days and counting - that's the number of days that the Ever Forward, a 11,850 TEU capacity container ship has been stuck in...

Dredging efforts continue as Ever Forward enters day 11 stuck in Chesapeake Bay

You may have seen cars or other vehicles overshooting traffic lanes and ending up ploughing into the dirt on the side of a highway.....

Captain of APL England to face trial for taking unseaworthy vessel to sea

The APL England, a 5,780 TEU capacity containership lost around 40 containers off the coast of New South Wales in Australia in May 2020...

Refrigerators, toys and other debris from ZIM Kingston containers wash up ashore near Cape Scott

No more containers have been found. That is the news from the Canadian Coast Guard about the maritime disaster surrounding the ZIM Kingston that lost an estimated 109 containers in rough seas off the coast of British Columbia in Canada and is still anchored while fire fighting efforts continue. Refrigerators, toys and other debris from ZIM Kingston containers have washed up ashore near Cape Scott.

ZIM Kingston fire update

Calm seas allowed firefighters to finally board the ZIM Kingston a 4253 TEU capacity container ship which has been on fire off the coast of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. As per the Canadian Coast Guard six firefighters and seven crew members boarded the ship on Monday night as fires in containers still on board the ship continued to smoulder.

In the meantime, it has now been established that 109 containers have gone overboard the ship in rough weather, more than double of the 40 containers that was estimated to have been initially lost.

ZIM Kingston container loss and container fire onboard – UPDATE

Further to the incident of ZIM Kingston losing containers overboard and container fire on board, today’s update is that the fire is reported to have been controlled but the vessel is still smoldering as of Sunday afternoon.

The ZIM Kingston has been anchored at Constance Bank since the night of 22nd October after it lost 40 containers about 12 nautical miles off the west coast of Vancouver Island, near Bamfield, while navigating rough seas.

It is understood that the ship will remain at Constance Bank alongside emergency tow vessels and the Canadian Coast Guard who will be monitoring the vessel due to the storm expected to move through the region.

ZIM Kingston on fire off the Canadian coast after losing 40 containers at sea

ZIM Kingston a 4253 TEU capacity container ship built in 2008 flying the Maltese flag is on fire off the coast of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. As per CBC News, 6 containers are on fire on board the ship which is said to be carrying 52,000 kg of Xanthates which are chemicals used in the mining industry. Xanthates fall under Class 4.2 of the IMDG code which is the classification for "Substances liable to spontaneous combustion" and is said to include Potassium Amylxanthate which is considered an environmental hazard.

Wood Chip carrier Crimson Polaris splits in two in Japan

Crimson Polaris, a dedicated wood-chip carrier operated by NYK, owned by MI-DAS Line S.A and managed Misuga Kaiun Co. Ltd was swept away by strong winds while it was anchored and ran aground off Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture in Japan on August 11 2021.

The hull of the vessel eventually split in two in the early hours of 12th August and oil from the vessel has spilt into the ocean. The oil leak from the ship has reportedly spread around 15 miles but the extent of any environmental impact and quantity is still under investigation and unclear as yet.

X-Press Pearl status

The wreckage of the X-Press Pearl may be resting in part at the bottom of the sea peacefully, but the issues surrounding the burning and eventual sinking of the ship has still not come to an end.

UPDATE : Ever Given on its way to Rotterdam – Freedom, Freedom – Ever Given released and sailing from Suez Canal

The sweet taste of freedom was probably being experienced by all concerned with the Ever Given as it was released by Suez Canal authorities on the 7th of July – a good 106 days after becoming one of the most talked about ships in the world, by even those who were not interested or knew about the business of shipping..

Further to the below, the update as of the 12th July is that the Ever Given is showing that it is sailing en route to Rotterdam which was its original destination before passing through and getting stuck in the Suez Canal..

X-Press Pearl – Captain in court, dead turtles and controversial oil spill

Dead turtles continue to wash up ashore in Sri Lanka even as the Captain of the X-Press Pearl appears in court and satellites show potential oil pollution 70 kms off the coast..

An agreement in principle has been reached on Ever Given release

It has just been reported that a representative for the owners and insurers of the Ever Given has confirmed that they reached an agreement in principle in terms of a compensation dispute with the Suez Canal Authority.

It is understood that work is under way to finalise a signed settlement agreement as soon as possible and arrangements will be made for the release of the Ever Given once the formalities had been dealt with.

X-Press Pearl off the coast of Sri Lanka – Update

As everyone is aware by now, the the X-Press Pearl, a Singapore flagged feeder vessel operated by X-Press Feeders started burning on the 21st of May off the coast of Sri Lanka.

On the 2nd of June, the vessel started sinking despite valiant efforts to fight the fire and as of 12th June is still hanging in there with the fore (bow) of the ship clinging to its last vestiges above the sea level while the aft of the vessel is submerged and resting on the sea bed at a depth of 21 meters.

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