Matters critical to understanding Incoterms 2020 Rules

The Incoterms® rules are a globally-recognised set of standards, used worldwide in international and domestic contracts for trade transactions for the delivery of goods.. Following its introduction...

Is there a connection between Incoterms® and the shipping line..??

- Is there a connection between Incoterms® and the shipping line..??
- Should Shipping Lines be concerned with Incoterms®..??
- How does Incoterms® affect the shipping line..??
These are few of the questions raised by readers who have complained that their booking was on FCA, FOB, CIF etc but the carrier refuses to show this commercial information on the bill of lading.. Commercial information includes details about the Incoterms®..

Issue with certification agency on exports to China

A question from a reader about an issue with a certification agency which lead to the reader's containers being stopped by customs in China.. Comments welcome..

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