Tuesday, December 6, 2022


The climate change crisis has become a top priority for nations worldwide affecting everyone and all industries and therefore it is no surprise that governments are working to cut carbon emissions wherever possible. The shipping industry is...
"Although containers lost overboard represent less than one-thousandth of 1% (0.001%) of the roughly 241 million packed and empty containers currently shipped each year, the industry is deeply concerned about this development." "The liner shipping industry works...

Captain and First Officer of Wakashio get 20 months in prison for endangering safe navigation

Captain Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and First Officer, Hitihanillage Subhoda Janendra Tilakaratna of the 203,000 DWT Capesize vessel Wakashio which hit a coral reef and...

Wood Chip carrier Crimson Polaris splits in two in Japan

Crimson Polaris, a dedicated wood-chip carrier operated by NYK, owned by MI-DAS Line S.A and managed Misuga Kaiun Co. Ltd was swept away by strong winds while it was anchored and ran aground off Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture in Japan on August 11 2021.

The hull of the vessel eventually split in two in the early hours of 12th August and oil from the vessel has spilt into the ocean. The oil leak from the ship has reportedly spread around 15 miles but the extent of any environmental impact and quantity is still under investigation and unclear as yet.

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