Top 100 container shipping lines – April 2013

Alphaliner has published the list of  Top 100 container shipping lines in the world based on existing fleet and order book TEU capacity available on board operated ships..

Below is the graphical image


Below is the list of Top 15 lines.. Click on the image to view the full list of 100 lines..


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    Effective April 1, 2013, Commercial International Services will be authorized to issue CTN’s for all cargo destined for the country of Chad. As per Decree No. 04/PR/PM/MTAC/2013 dated January 3rd, 2013 and the interimimisterial Order No. 145/MTAC/SGG/2013 Under Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Civil Aviation decree No.247/MIT/DC/2014 decrees that each shipment with the destination of the Republic of Chad needs to be covered by an ECTN. and… “every bill of lading and ship’s manifest must contain the corresponding ECTN number issued at the port of loading. Any Shipping Line not observing the above mentioned regulations risks to pay the stipulated fines amounting to 100% of the value mentioned on the ECTN, payable at the transit port”.

  2. Great info thanks. But I wonder where Mediterranean Shipping Company would stand when it comes to tracking cargo that is worse


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