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#TNYSCM35 – How ground breaking technologies are taking new age logistics to greater heights

Akin to global ports around the world experiencing congestion due to the shipping demand, the LogTech space is also experiencing an overwhelming increase in demand in supply chain related technologies and rightfully so..

As per a survey done by Gartner, digital transformation has been highlighted as a core strategy and focal point in supply chain management to gain competitive advantage.. BCOs and supply chain managers are looking towards emerging and maturing supply chain technology as a critical factor in achieving supply chain excellence..

The next 3-5 years is expected to see a huge rise in the adoption of new cutting-edge digital supply chain technologies incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics and Automation and the use of drones..

This adoption will also bring with it a new breed of supply chain leaders who need to be prepared to use these technologies to achieve digital maturity and business excellence in their supply chains through the effective integration of these technologies and human interface..

In fact, Gartner has predicted that “by 2025, more than 50% of supply chain organizations will have a technology leadership role reporting directly to the chief supply chain officer”..

They have also predicted that “by 2023, 50% of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms”..

Currently, most supply chains are operating in siloes with limited visibility which prevents them from achieving their optimal performance and many customers are hamstrung by the lack of visibility of their shipments once it leaves their premises or out of their direct view.. Real-time transportation visibility platforms are seen as the solution to this problem with this particular segment of the market projected to grow rapidly in the next 3 to 5 years..

#TNYSCM35 - supply chain meetup - shipping and freight resource

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuous rise of e-commerce is driving up demand which directly supports expansion in the size of the logistics market, which is set to grow to over $12 trillion by 2022..

The pandemic has also highlighted the vulnerabilities in the supply chain and amplified the need for supply chain leaders to implement robust and resilient supply chains.. As a result, many logistics businesses are adopting new and innovative technological improvements to keep up with this increased demand and continue to invest in technology solutions that offer advanced capabilities including supply chain analytics..

#TNYSCM35, a virtual meetup, is bringing together supply chain leaders to discuss how these ground-breaking technologies can take the new-age logistics businesses to greater heights..

This meetup features industry experts :

  • Krenar Komoni, CEO, Tive Inc
  • Ryan Schreiber, VP of Growth and Industry, Metafora (formerly CarrierDirect)
  • Kai Timmermann, COO, Prompt
  • Shailesh Gupta, Chief of Staff, Portcast

Moderated by Eric Johnson, Director at IHS Markit and Senior Tech Editor at, this meetup is critical for those who are curious about how LogTech has shaped the supply chain industry and is paving the way for further growth and development in the business..

The organisers of this meetup are encouraging interested parties to sign up as quickly as possible as this free-to-attend meetup will only be accepting 100 participants on a first come first served basis.. Details to access the virtual event will be mailed to people who have registered for this meetup on the day of the event via Meetup.. Registration is mandatory for admission..

Click the link to register for this event and also to get further details #TNYSCM35 – Tech Taking Your Freight Places in 2022 | Meetup..


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