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Centersource launches Timber Exchange, a digital marketplace for the forestry industry

Centersource - digital marketplace - Press Release on Shipping and Freight ResourceCentersource, a timber trade and technology company has launched Timber Exchange, a comprehensive marketplace and digital toolset for Forwarders, Sawmills, and Importers.

Timber Exchange arrives just in time to help timber supply chain companies navigate the latest round of COVID-19-driven volatility, providing companies with the tools to remain profitable in a challenging market.

The digital platform provides users a with common marketplace and workspace that streamlines every step of the timber supply chain process.

With easy plug-n-play onboarding, the new marketplace aims to digitalize the global timber supply-chain, enhance cross-border collaboration and automate the most time-consuming processes facing companies today.

Timber Exchange leverages decades of industry experience, automation technology, and digital marketplace tools to offer a sophisticated logistics and trade platform that eliminates global trade pinpoints and billions of dollars in unnecessary costs.

An industry first, Timber Exchange provides a platform for sawmills, importers, and forwarders across the timber industry, allowing participants to seamlessly integrate their operations, get the data they need, and make smart decisions.

This eliminates the transaction costs associated with pricing chaos, data silos, manual documentation, and intermediaries profiting off of geographic arbitrage.

Companies in the Timber supply chain have regarded efficiency, transparency and accountability as an administrative burden and expense, rather than a competitive advantage that can be capitalized on. There’s a serious technology deficit in our industry. Timber Exchange offers an effective way to capture the competitive advantages of digital technology,” said Timber Exchange CEO and Founder Amir Rahsad.


About Centersource Technologies

Centersource is an independent digital marketplace and supply-chain automation platform.

Their mission is to digitalize the global timber supply-chain, enhance cross-border collaboration, and automate the most time-consuming process facing companies today, including export/import, logistics, documentation, analytics, compliance, accountability, transparency and visibility.

For more information and to learn more about Centersource Technologies, visit: https://www.centersource.io/

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