The State of Visibility 2024

The State of Visibility 2023 report by Tive highlighted a significant gap between the demand for real-time shipment visibility and the actual adoption of technology by supply chain leaders.

The report further underscored a massive shift in supply chain management priorities pivoting from mere efficiency to resilience and adaptability in the aftermath and recovery from COVID-19.

State of Visibility 2024

Based on the useful insights gathered from the 2023 report, Tive is delving deeper into how this gap is being bridged and the emerging trends in supply chain visibility in 2024.

As we get ready to navigate through 2024 Tive invites everyone involved in supply chain to participate in this short survey to update the status of their visibility.

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Let the State of Visibility 2024 act as a beacon, guiding the industry towards more informed, collaborative, and sustainable practices and fully embrace the potential of real-time visibility and IoT solutions, shaping a more resilient and efficient future for global supply chains.