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The ROI of integrating visibility into your door to door supply chain

Currently, more than 24 million TEUs are circulating around the globe..

When you think of how long container trade went on without real time visibility on movement, it boggles the mind..

Issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in JIT deliveries, with a view to reducing inventory costs, strategic scheduling of shipments to beat trade wars, etc. have put renewed pressure on global trade and to counter these pressures, customers require maximum visibility on their shipments..

Ocean Insights Fourkites Webinar - intergrating visibility into your door to door supply chain

Integrating visibility into your supply chains is no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity – especially considering the intermodal activities that are required in the global market place of today..

Since the time the need for real time visibility and the accrued benefits came to light (just under a decade ago!), there has been a huge rush and demand from customers who are clamoring for more information – they want more data, more visibility and quickly..

Customers today require authentic and visual data to see how their products are moving, identify bottlenecks in their supply chain, and correct for where avoidable costs like demurrage, detention and storage are being incurred..

Ocean Insights & FourKites will be discussing all of the above and more, in a webinar titled, “The ROI of Integrating Visibility into Your Door to Door Supply Chain”..

Ocean Insights FourKites webinar - integrating visibility into door to door supply chain

The webinar will present actual case studies that will highlight the return on investment (ROI) that customers have achieved after injecting visibility into their supply chains..

By tracing the journey of a shipment from door to door, these case studies will showcase all the data points that integrated door to door supply chain solutions provide to customers at all stages of the shipment along with exception reports and how these are handled organically..

Click HERE to register and attend the webinar at 13:30 hrs (CET) on the 19th of November 2020..


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