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The New York Supply Chain Meetup

There is a discernible difference between the businesses of ShippingFreight, Maritime, Logistics and Supply Chain.. All performing various functions, but all connected in the grand scheme of things, keeping the propellers of global trade churning..

In very simple terms, Supply Chain is the whole granddaddy process comprising of all aspects in a product cycle, for example from picking of the fruit at a farm in Point A to delivering the fruit to the shelf at a store in Point B using all of the above-mentioned industries, businesses and services..

By some estimates, inefficiencies in the global supply chain impose overhead costs of between 15% and 20% of global GDP cumulatively – supply chain inefficiencies dampen corporate profits and lower societal well-being..

This presents an opportunity to solve a large and pervasive global problem, and to significantly boost global economic growth and prosperity in the process..

The New York Supply Chain Meetup (TNYSCM) was founded by Brian Laung Aoaeh and Lisa Morales-Hellebo whom we had the pleasure of featuring in our Executive Insights series..

TNYSCM was founded in 2017 with a mission to nurture and grow the world’s foremost open, global, and multidisciplinary community of people devoted to building the supply chain networks of the future..

The goal of the New York Supply Chain Meetup is to become a focal point for the formulation of questions, and the pursuit of the answers that will lead to comprehensive, sustainable and profitable solutions..

It will be a multi-disciplinary community of individuals and organisations committed to investigating and developing solutions for problems in global supply chain networks from the level of startups to large corporations, academic institutions, and everything in between..

A particular area of interest for the TNYSCM is the use of distributed ledger technologies (blockchain), and other cutting edge technologies, as a foundation for innovation in supply chain networks..

#TNYSCM is the founding chapter of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation.. You can check out past events at their YouTube Channel..

#TNYSCM operates on a Mantra: The past ran on supply chains.. The present runs on supply chains.. The future will run on supply chains.. The world is a supply chain..

The target audience of TNYSCM includes professionals from Academia, Research, Analysts, Lawyers, Corporates, Procurement, Supply Chain, Regulatory bodies, Compliance and Risk Management, Banking and Insurance among others..

TNYSCM has successfully conducted 10 meetups covering various topics and in the latest version #TNYSCM10, the focus was on Blockchain and Supply Chain Projects in Production..

Here are some of the presenters and what they had to say at #TNYSCM10

Fr8 Network

Fr8 Network is transforming shipping and logistics by building blockchain-enabled solutions for the global logistics ecosystem.

By using blockchain technology, Fr8 Network is providing logistics service providers with better shipment visibility and faster settlements. Fr8 Network is working to reduce the 29 billion empty miles driven by US trucks and the 24 million tons of extra carbon emissions released into the air every year by increasing visibility.

Fr8 Network is building the Fr8 Protocol designed for streamlined access to marketplaces, payment and settlement, dispute resolution, and transparency. The Fr8 Protocol gives all shipments a ‘digital paper trail’ used to trace the history of food, medicine, and high-value goods to discover the origins of illness, damage, error or fraud.

Fr8 Network’s solutions will solve many of the social and environment challenges facing logistics, with the potential to be the biggest improvement since the 1970s global standardization of shipping containers.


Kelly LeValley Hunt is a Blockchain specialist also nominated as Forbes 2018 Blockchain “Pioneer”, Microsoft’s 2018 Women in Blockchain Award for Hyper-growth & Innovation..

Her specialties include being a trusted IT Advisor creating service offerings, being a Mentor, Enterprise Software Sales specifically with Telcos, Data Center Project Management and the latest sustainable technologies..

Kelly is always on the hunt for ways to move Blockchain into our now and our future..


IHS Markit

Enabling global supply chains

From identifying growth opportunities, reducing global supply chain risk and improving efficiency Maritime & Trade solutions from IHS Markit provides the information, analytics and insight you need to sail ahead of the competition. We have over 300 years industry experience and are the sole appointed authority for assigning and validating the IMO. We are also able to provide 100% of US seaborne imports and export data along with global trade information for 86 countries.



ShipChain is an open blockchain platform and ecosystem that was created with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems that face the logistics and shipping industry today, trust..

The company is using the immutability and decentralization of blockchain technology to create a layer of trust that’s never been possible in the past.. The solution is connecting IoT devices and building API’s to interact directly with this layer to create real-time immutable data collection and storage..

ShipChain has just recently released its Track and Trace system that was a key part of a pilot and proof of concept with Perdue Farms..





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  1. Being that logistic jobs here in the US are projected to be replaced by automation and AI in the next ten years or so, how much of the supply chain industry, maritime, frieght, freight forwarders etc. will also be replaced with AI and when?


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