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Is it a TEU or FEU..??


Remember the famous question “Is it a bird, is it a plane……….” Well thought i would share something like that, only here, the question is, Is it a TEU or FEU..

Below is an article about an innovative concept relating to freight containers reblogged from Mike Poverello’s Blog..

The process of coupling as shown in this video seems a bit cumbersome to me and I am not sure if the structural strength would be compromised when it is coupled to become a 40′ container, but I guess it would be useful in certain markets for certain commodities..

What do you  think of it..??

Thinking outside the box – Tworty’s unit has doors at each end, the second opening to and locked from the inside.

An innovative new ISO container design that allows a unit to be used either as a 40 ft or 20 ft box has completed its maiden voyage.

Thinking outside the box - Tworty’s unit has doors at each end, the second opening to and locked from the inside.

The Tworty Box, two 20 ft containers that can be linked together to form a single 40 ft unit – “twenty + forty = tworty” – competed its maiden voyage from Hamburg to Montreal on the containership OOCL Montreal.

Two containers joined together as a single unit were stuffed with 20 tonnes of breakbulk cargo, mainly car parts and granulate, for Canadian consignees.

Developer Tworty Box said the container was designed to reduce the cost of repositioning empties, caused by imbalances between supply and demand for 20 ft and 40 ft containers. As the company humourously explains on its website, 1 x tworty = 20ft, 2 x tworty = 40ft.

It has doors at each end; the second door opens to the inside and can only be locked from the inside. This door can be fixed to the container ceiling and, with the use of its special bonding elements, another Tworty Box can be joined up, thereby creating a 40 ft unit of full value and standard doors at both ends.

Tworty Box prototypes have received full International Convention for Safe Containers certification for single and for coupled operation. Source: Tworty.com and Lloyds.

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  1. Dear Mr Hariesh

    i still confuse . the tworty consist of two cntr / 20 feet . that can load 2x 20dc or 1x40dc ?

    also what is meaning that “twenty + forty = tworty” that mean that it can load 1x20dc and 1x40dc or consist of 1x20dc and 1x40dc



  2. Hi Hariesh, I have recently started following your site and really impressed with the initiative taken and information that this site contains. Congratulations.
    Regarding the subject container coupling, would you help to advise if this process takes place in India as well. If so , which ports/ICD’s commonly operate this.


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