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Test your shipping knowledge – week 50

This week’s questions to test your shipping knowledge..

1) What is the height in feet of a 40’ Standard Container
2) What is the height in feet of a 40’ High Cube container
3) What is the width in feet of a 40’ High Cube container
4) What is the difference between a 40’ High Cube container and a 45’ High Cube container..??
5) What is the difference between a Clean on Board, Shipped on Board & Received for Shipment..??

If you know the answers, post it as a comment..


  1. Hi All! I have to say that I love these questiongs and the idea of having new ones every week. I am a manager at a forwarding company in the US and I am always looking for ways to challange my employees. I have been trying to find some software for education on basic shipping industry knowledge and test and have been unable to find anything. If anyone comes across anything can you please let me know? Thank you! I’ll be checking back for the next update.

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for your encouraging comments.. Trust you have subscribed to the blog so you can participate in the same.. You can set a time frame to your employees to answer these questions.. From Week 1 of 2009 it will be regularly updated so don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and get your employees to do the same..

      Also, this site is SPECIFIC to shipping process in South Africa.. Please also visit my other blog which is a blog about international shipping..

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