Test your shipping knowledge – Week 01/2009

Hello all, hope all of you had a wonderful entry into this new year 2009.. Heres the first of the questions for this year 2009.. Test your shipping knowledge with these questions :

1) What is the implication of the Place of Receipt and Final Destination in a bill of lading..??
2) What is the implication of the term CY after the final destination or place of receipt in a bill of lading..??
3) What is : FIO, FILO, LIFO, FLT..
4) What is the difference between a Max Payload & a Max Gross weight of a container..??
5) What is the maximum weight you can pack in a 20’ gp & 40’ gp..??

If you are confident, you can provide the answers in the comments area.. It will help others that dont know the answers..

Answers will be posted for the first set when the next set of questions are posted.. Have fun and learn..

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