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Test your shipping knowledge – Week 02/2009

Here’s the questions for Week 2/2009..

  1. Which would be more difficult to pack in a 20’ gp – 20 tons of steel rods or 20 tons of cotton wool.. Why..??
  2. If I say, “towards the front of the container”, which side of the container am I talking about..??
  3. If there are 2 seals on a container, which seal number must I as a line or agent take into account as the important one..??
  4. What is the difference between Multi-Modal, Through Bill of Lading and Inter-Modal..??
  5. What is the full form of EMS & MFAG No. in the Hazardous Packing Declaration..??

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  1. Ans 1) 20 Tons of cotton wool as it is volumetric cargo.
    Ans 2) Towards side which is away from the door.
    Ans 3) Customs one.
    Ans 4) Multi Modal is for all modes of transport regardless of the mode. Through Bill of lading is for only for one mode of transport this is for getting past the customs only. Inter-modal is usually for two different modes of transport.
    Ans 5) Emergency Medical Service and Medical First Aid Guide

  2. 1.20 tons of cotton wool because its more volumetric
    2. front of a container is where the container doors are.
    3.both should take the other’s seal important
    4.multimodal refers to more than one transport mode, throught bill refers to liners bill and intermodal refers to one transporters bill.

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