Significant Supply Chain Progress as the Holidays Draw Near says The White House

port congestion

“Months of Coordination Bring Signs of Good Cheer” – this is the word from the White House about the supply chain disruptions that we have been seeing in the past few … Read more..

36-day average transit time on China-US West Coast route underscores the extent of supply chain breakdown

Port of Long Beach

With the Biden Administration now stepping in to tackle the port congestion crisis at Long Beach and Los Angeles, China-US West Coast transit data and insights provided by digital freight … Read more..

The importance of planning your shipments

planning your shipments - shipping and freight resource

Planning your shipments is very important in shipping..!!!!!!!! Uh, Duh..!!! As obvious as it sounds, there are several cases where this may not happen due to a variety of factors … Read more..

Shipping lines will accept responsibility for their mistakes – True or False..??

A trick question..?? Lets discuss this with a case study of a case that is raging on in one of the social media forums.. A forwarder booked 2×20′ containers with a … Read more..