What is a Switch Bill of Lading and when and why is it used..??

switch bill of lading

The world of shipping and freight is very dynamic and there may be several changes that happen during the course of a shipment or post shipment..

Destinations can change, cargo routing can change, cargo release parties can change, even important documents such as a Bill of Lading may be subjected to changes..

Some may be simple amendments, but in a lot of cases, the changes or requirements may be elaborate such that it necessitates the issuance of a Switch Bill of Lading..

Read here about what it means and when and where it is used..

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Who can request shipping line to issue switch bill of lading..??

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Am I allowed to change the bill of lading number on a switch bill of lading..??

Further to my previous article regarding Switch Bill of Lading, here’s a question from a reader Surangi.. Answers anyone..?? Hi… can you change the b/l no  on the switch b/l eg- if the B/l is switch in Singapore  and loaded to Colombo to Calcutta original set have Cal B/l no and switch b/l have a Sin b/l , please explain  … Read more here..