Who is a notify party in a shipment and what is their role..??

Who is notify party

A Notify Party is one of the many parties involved in a shipment reflected in a Bill of Lading, forming an import part of the documentary process..

This article discusses the role of a Notify Party in a shipment and their importance..

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Role and responsibility of multiple notify parties

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If multiple notify parties are used on the bill of lading for a shipment, do they have a different role and responsibility..?? Are they similar or different..?? And what is the reason for multiple notify parties..??

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Can there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

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A Notify Party is merely someone that needs to be notified about the arrival of the cargo covered in the bill of lading.. The details of the notify party are provided by the entity that provides the shipping instruction to the shipping line.. They may or may not have any contractual relationship with the shipping line or the shipper..

But can there be multiple notify party in a bill of lading..??

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Parts of a bill of lading – Part 1

1st part of a 4 part article that dissects a bill of lading and discusses the different parts and the information that needs to be filled up in each part..

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