Maersk, MSC and Zim Lines join hands in a new strategic cooperation

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The largest global shipping alliance in the world in terms of percentage – the 2M consisting of alliance partners Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) are adding more muscle to their alliance with the announcement of a new strategic cooperation with ZIM Lines..

Maersk, MSC and ZIM already have cooperation agreements which started in September 2018 on five services between Asia and the US East Coast with four loops operated by Maersk and MSC (2M) and one loop operated by ZIM with the lines swapping slots on all the loops..

This new cooperation agreement which is expected to come online from March 2019 (subject to regulatory approvals) will see the parties covering three of 2M’s services and one service jointly operated by ZIM and 2M..

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MSC explains 2020 Sulphur Cap Bunker charge mechanism for 2019

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In one of our previous articles about IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap, we reported that many shipping lines will be adopting the regulations but also implementing a bunker surcharge to cover the same..

MSC is one of the lines that have announced the introduction of new bunker charges as of 1 January 2019 to achieve the common goal of improving environmental performance in the container shipping supply chain, as required by the IMO 2020 Sulphur cap..

MSC has revealed the mechanisms for the calculation of their 2020 sulphur cap bunker surcharge..

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MSC continues its investment in smart containers

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Smart containers are dubbed as one of the innovations that is set to change the way in which we carry out traditional container shipping services..

This innovative technology is said to transform a standard ISO container into a smart, connected object which collects and communicates real-time data on its position and movements throughout its journey..

MSC’s is partnering with TRAXENS to convert 50,000 of its dry cargo containers to smart containers..

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Undeclared hazardous cargo and its consequences

Please see below article pertaining to the grounding of the m.v.Rena off the coast of New Zealand which has now been found to have been carrying some undeclared hazardous cargo.. I strongly agreee with what Mike Povorello has said in his article about the same issue.. Eveyone at EVERY position/link in the chain has to take responsibilities and check … Read more here..