Who should endorse a bill of lading for cargo release..??

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For the release of cargo at destination and for the purpose of documentary credit negotiations, there are several endorsements required on a bill of lading.. In this article we take a look at who should endorse a bill of lading and what are the endorsements required..

Like who should endorse a house bill of lading and who should endorse a master bill of lading..

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Over height cargo crushed due to discrepancy in bill of lading – who is responsible..??

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Here’s a very unique question from Michael about Over height cargo crushed due to discrepancy in bill of lading.. Hi Hariesh I have an issue where the HBL states cargo OOG. MBL does not reflect this. The over height cargo in an open top container was therefore not managed as OOG and the over height contents were crushed by spreader … Read more here..

I want to issue my House Bill of Lading

Question from one of the readers : We are an NVOCC and we currently primarily use the steamship line’s BL showing The shipper’s name with us as agent . If we start using HBLs, what is our liability.?

Difference in HBL and MBL dates

Question asked by sutjiadi gunawan – stdgnw Ask your question here..: if we have MBL with dated 23 Jan 2013, HBL 24 Jan 2013 and we have COO/Form AK-Korea w/ 24 Jan 2013 and the Manifest BC 1.1 at Bea Cukai 23 Jan 2013…………is it the problem for customs clearance?