Letter of Credit requires IMO Number to be shown on Bill of Lading

release of cargo without bill of lading

A case study on the obligations of a shipping line in terms of clauses/notations to be mentioned in a bill of lading.. Based on a real life question from a … Read more..

Do banks verify whether the cargo has actually been loaded on a ship..??

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Shippers who deal with documentary credit know that the clause “Shipped on Board” on the bill of lading carries quite a bit of weight and there is often a lot … Read more..

First cross-bank blockchain based letter of credit transaction completed

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Standard Chartered announced the successful completion of the first cross-bank Letter of Credit (LC) transaction between Vietnam and Thailand conducted over blockchain, in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB), Bank … Read more..

What is a letter of credit, how it works and who needs it..

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Many of you would have come across the term Letter of Credit (L/C).. If you are a shipping line, you would have heard this term from various customers asking you … Read more..

India’s first blockchain enabled Letter of Credit transaction completed

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Blockchain – that newfangled concept seems to be catching on quickly and moving along quite nicely in the shipping and freight industry.. A Blockchain is a ledger that uses cryptography, … Read more..

Shipped on Board Date stamp – should it be signed..??

Shipped on board stamp

A shipped on board date is an important date on a bill of lading, especially where a Letter of Credit is involved.. Should the Shipped on Board stamp be signed … Read more..

Question about multiple cargoes in a container where only a part of the cargo is covered by letter of credit

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What happens if the exporter would like to send in the same container goods covered by L/C in addition to some other goods. Should the carrier issue two bills of … Read more..

What is a short form/blank back bill of lading..??

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True to the nature of its business, the business of shipping and freight is a vast ocean covering many issues and areas which sometimes seems unfathomable.. A Bill of Lading … Read more..

Shipping cargo without insurance – reader question

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Shipping your cargo without insurance.. Hmmmmm, not a very smart idea.. Several pitfalls await those who attempt this.. Here’s a question from a reader based on their historical experience.. All … Read more..

Can I get an Express Release for cargo while Original Bill of Lading is with the bank..??

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An exporter wants to get an Express Release done while the Original Bill of Lading is with the bank.. Is this possible..?? Read this article to find out..

Story of a CIF contract and a Letter of Indemnity

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This is the Story of a CIF contract and a Letter of Indemnity.. Seller is delivering CIF to Chinese port. The contract has an LOI provision if the original bill … Read more..