How strong is your container floorboard..??

Image of exploded view of Shipping Container

How strong is your container floorboard..?? – simple enough question, but there is a whole science behind ascertaining the strength of the floorboard of the container and the stresses it takes in its day to day life.. Image of exploded view of Shipping Container

The floorboard of a container is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the container structure and is the main weight bearing part..

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Container Weighing – industry solution on the horizon..??

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Eugen Maersk fire revives concerns about misdeclared cargo

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When and where must an export container be weighed..??

Image for opinion about CIF terms

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Do your container fleets meet the latest safety standards?

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You mean i can arrest a ship..!! – Part 1

South African admiralty law assists those who have a claim against shipowners by granting claimants the entitlement to arrest a ship that enters its jurisdiction. Such action may be taken … Read more here..